If there was ever a year for the country to be obsessed with guns, this would be it.

We are nearly two months away from 2020 finally coming to an end and gun sales have hit a new all-time high beating the prior record set in 2016. That’s based on FBI background check statistics and the National Shooting Sports Association.

It all started last spring with Covid-19 causing Americans to fret over necessities like toilet paper.

“You could see funny videos and serious videos of people going insane at grocery stores and Walmart fighting over simple things,” said Silvestre Garcia with Boyert Shooting Center. “So there was this mindset of what’s going to happen after that point.”

So far this year, there have been 1.73 million firearm background checks in Texas. That’s the most in one year since the FBI started tracking in 1998.

Another notable reason why Americans want guns: riots and police brutality.

“It was sort of a similar response to the first one,” Garcia said. “We need to protect ourselves in light of defunding the police.”


As of September, there have been about 1.485 million firearms sold here in Texas. That number is already a record for the Lone Star State.

The previous record was set in 2013 when Texans purchased 1,356 million guns.

Based on FBI background data, first-time gun buyers are driving the huge increase in gun sales.