Throughout the years, Omarosa Manigault-Newman has made a name for herself as a calculating reality television star and savvy political insider known for sharp comebacks and the staunch defense of her right-wing political leanings. But, with the recent release of her memoir, Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, the former member of President Trump’s administrative cabinet is revealing juicy, White House gossip—making her no longer a fifteen-year friend of the commander-in-chief but a formidable foe.

The former Apprentice reality-star and ex-senior aide’s book comes on the heels of Manigault-Newman’s release of several secret White House audio recordings. The first recording, which aired on Meet the Press on Sunday, detailed her firing by White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly in the White House Situation Room. The second recording, which she shared on the Today Show on Monday, is of Trump, who can be heard saying he had no idea that Kelly had fired her. Moreover, in her book, she claims there is audio of Trump using the n-word “multiple times” during a taping of the Apprentice.

Her revelations have caused so much of stir, Trump has, of course, resorted to Twitter to air his personal grievances with her, labeling Manigault-Newman as “wacky”, “deranged” and a “low-life.” He also claims she is lying about his use of the incendiary racial slur because he does not “have that word in [his] vocabulary and never have.”

Despite Trump’s tweet stating that Manigault-Newman has “already has a fully-signed non-disclosure agreement”, “Unhinged” provides intimate, first-hand details about Trump’s contentious and controversial presidential politics and behavior. Check out a few shocking reveals from the book:

John Kelly fired her over “abusing the car service”

After hearing rumors from three different sources about Trump’s alleged use of the n-word, Manigault-Newman said she made it her mission to uncover the truth, as she wondered if Trump used the racial slur against her when she was a contestant on the “Apprentice.” While she is convinced that John Kelly fired her because she was trying to get a hold of the tape she was told by White House lawyers she was fired for “abusing the car service”, which she claims she never did and has receipts to prove it.

She never signed a non-disclosure agreement

After her swift firing, she says she left personal items in The White House such as her wedding proofs, gift cards, and her commission certificate. Allegedly, she was told if she wanted her items back, she would have to sign a draconian departure non-disclosure agreement. She says she refused.

Trump’s marriage to Melania is not what it seems

Manigault-Newman says she was uncertain whether Melania Trump knew about her husband’s cheating but details that when Melania was not present at certain functions such as fundraisers at Mar-a-Lago, he “behaved like a dog without a leash.” She also claims that prior to Melania becoming the First Lady, Trump had all the power in the relationship while his wife had none.

Trump’s sexual behavior toward his daughter, Ivanka, is disturbing

During an off-camera outtake on the “Apprentice”, Manigault-Newman claims that Trump asked former “Apprentice” contestant and KISS band member, Gene Simmons, what he thought about his daughter, Ivanka. She claims that Simmons made sexually crude remarks about Ivanka while she was standing there and alluded that he wanted to have sex with her. Meanwhile, when Ivanka tried to change the subject, she says that Trump encouraged Simmons behavior. Omarosa also claims that Trump and Ivanka have an inappropriate father-daughter relationship and that Trump “covets” his daughter and that Ivanka knowingly plays into this role to get her way.

Trump talked about his dislike for President Obama

She claims that during outtakes of the Celebrity Apprentice in 2008, Trump would talk about Obama and said that he hated him but never would say why. She says that he later told them he had to stop shooting because he had an important announcement to make. The announcement? Trump claimed he had proof that President Obama was not born in the United States.

The president told her he owns guns while leaving NRA convention

“The President and I talked about guns on that flight, and I learned that he owned a .45 caliber Heckler & Koch pistol and a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver,” the ex-“Apprentice” contestant writes of her first time onboard Air Force One en route back to Washington from an NRA convention in Atlanta in April 2017.

Trump called president of Montenegro profane names

Manigault Newman alleges Trump definitely holds a grudge against Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic after he was blasted after the NATO summit in Brussels last year when he shoved Markovic to get in front of him during a photo-op

“I asked him, ‘You came off a little aggressive. Why did you do that?’” Manigault Newman recalls asking Trump after the shoving moment in Brussels.

“Oh, he’s just a whiny punk b—h,” Trump snapped.

Trump told her to drop a lawsuit against David Pecker, owner of the National Enquirer

In October 2011, Manigault-Newman ’s brother, Jack, was murdered. During the funeral service, she claims that a black woman reporter from the National Enquirer posed as a concerned citizen, took her eulogy and said in the article it was an “exclusive interview.” In efforts to receive justice for her brother, Manigault-Newman intended to sue the paper but stopped after she received a call from Trump. He told her to stop the lawsuit because him and David Pecker, the owner of the National Enquirer, are good friends. In exchange for dropping the lawsuit, Trump made a deal with Pecker so that Manigault-Newman was given a high profile position working as an editor for the paper’s parent company, American Media, Inc.

She says this type of “dirty trick” is a trend between Trump and Pecker; as previously Pecker has bought stories about Trump’s affair with Playboy mate, Karen McDougal and his alleged child with a former maid and has never published them.

Trump wanted to be sworn into office using his own business book

Manigault-Newman alleges Trump asked what her thoughts were on him using ‘The Art of the Deal’ during the inauguration ceremony. Manigault-Newman claims Trump boasted to her that his book is a ‘bestseller’ and the ‘greatest business book of all time’—and that taking an oath to it would be a great way to promote it. She says she laughed off the idea and advised Trump not to share this idea with anyone else.

Omarosa says that it was normal for Trump to ask about her sex life and that he said he “loved her”

After being asked by the Trump’s team to join the campaign, she said Trump called her, asked if she had kept up with watching the “Apprentice” and proceeded to ask if she was dating. She said she was still single and had not been dating after the unexpected death of her ex-husband, actor Michael Clarke Duncan. Apparently, Manigault-Newman claims Trump would often ask her about her sex life and that at end of phone conversations, he would say “I love you.”

Trump thinks Obama is a fraud

In the book, Manigault-Newman says Trump told her that he thinks Obama is a “fraud” and “phoney” who never helped the Black community. She also said he believed Obama made up his credentials and not just with his birth certificate –– but even his Harvard transcripts.

Trump doesn’t think highly of Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos

She says that Trump calls her “Ditzy DeVos” behind her back. Moreover, he said that he will get “get rid of her.” Manigault-Newman says DeVos is not equipped at all for her job.

Omarosa says Trump’s physical health is horrible

She says the President is obese; refuses to exercise; is obsessed with Big Macs and fried chicken; and is addicted to tanning and Diet Coke. She believes his excessive drinking of Diet Coke is further enabling his dementia.

Mike Pence is waiting in the wings to take over the presidency

She believes Vice President Mike Pence (a “Stepford Veep”) and his team “are simply biding their time until Trump is impeached or resigns.”

Omarosa says Trump’s mental state is in decline.

Trump has changed. “The Donald Trump of 2003 was as smart and as shrewd as he claimed to be,” she writes.

Donald Trump the president rambles, repeats himself and often speaks “gibberish.” He is given to “rages” when something upsets him. “I seriously began to suspect the president was delusional or had a mental condition, that made him forget from one day to the next,” she writes.

She cites one example of what she describes as Trump “rambling incoherently, speaking in random fragments (and) veering from thought to thought.”