Screenshot, Alonzo Harmon via TikTok, Fair Use
Screenshot, Alonzo Harmon via TikTok, Fair Use.

Apparently, Karens don’t take Black History Month off. And this latest Karen, out of the state of Minnesota, seems to be going above and beyond the call of Karen duty.

A recent viral TikTok video shows a Black HVAC technician having to record himself while some nondescript woman in the background is busy weaponizing local police, for reasons God, or the mythic “white” Jesus only know.

Brotherman was attempting to do his job, while working on his J-O-B. And if you haven’t caught the over-emphasis yet, dude was/is employed and was sent to the Karen’s address to do what he was trained to do and for which he received remuneration (payment for his services).

This point needs to be stressed because folk not invited to the BBQ swear none of us work (which is crazy; because 98% of all Blackfolk I know work at least two jobs. But anyway, why-people).

As was being stated, bruhman was trying to provide to the Karen who, it must be stated, called bruhman’s place of employment for the services he was attempting to provide. Nonetheless, Karen, or Becky, or “Elizabeth” (as her name has been reported to be), goes about throwing a “non-melanated toddler in the middle of the grocery store-level” tantrum in the background, on the phone with the police, as the brother, Alonzo Harmon, is recording and narrating the scene.

Harmon recently uploaded the video, taken back in November, of the scene in case evidence was needed. Though Harmon was called to the Karen’s home in Minneapolis to clean her air-ducts, he had to endure her hot air and bold-faced lies as she told the 911 operator that Harmon was in the process of threatening her even though the video footage shows Harmon at a safe distance away from the Karen (But is there really such a thing as a safe distance between a Black person and a Karen?) and, as mentioned, narrating the scene to TikTok users.

Harmon told reporters that when he arrived at 1775 January 6 Parkway, and entered the home, the Karen in question greeted him with these kind words: “They let you do a job like this?”

Harmon said after the “greeting,” he was repeatedly asked questions about his qualifications and overall knowledge of doing his job.

“Once I actually started to try to do my job, she was over my back. Basically, [continuously] asking me the same question on how I got the job. What was my interest in the job, do I actually know what I’m doing. Like, do I actually know what I’m doing in the home and stuff like that,” he said.

According to Harmon, because the Karen who had so many words to share with the police, has not given any of that chatty energy with the press, she eventually came around and told Harmon she didn’t trust him to do the job.

All that would have been bad enough, as Harmon simply chose to lease the house with the job unfinished at the Karen’s request. But Karen-Elizabeth made the conscious decision to take things a step further. In fact, many, many steps further. Her harassment of this working man, the very “person” conservative why-people swear they adore and stand for, wasn’t enough for her. So she chose violence. She chose to weaponize the police.

And if that madness weren’t enough, she pulled out the Karen go-to—white tears.

When the TikTok video starts, Karen is in her garage, near the entrance to her house proper, while Harmon is far outside of the garage.

Here’s a recap of the clip from The Daily Beast:

In the TikTok video, which was taken on Nov. 29, 2022, Harmon turns the camera toward himself and can be seen standing outside a garage in Golden Valley, Minnesota, as it snows. A woman inside the garage appears as if she’s talking on the phone.

“He says I’m rude, and he just threatened me right now,” the woman says on her call.

Harmon, standing several feet away from the woman, says, “What threat did I make towards you, ma’am?”

The woman, who identified herself as “Elizabeth,” ignores Harmon’s question. In the next part of the video, the woman cries hysterically as Harmon suggests she’s faking her tears.

“Please, please, please! I’m so scared right now!” the woman yells on the call. “I’m shaking right now! Please, please! …I’m so scared!”

Meanwhile, Harmon continues to stand outside the garage, away from the woman. “I’ve never in my life had to deal with no bullshit like this,” he then laughs, walking away from the garage.

The fact that this incident happened in November of 2022, and Harmon is alive to tell about it, comes no thanks to Karen-Elizabeth. As she certainly knows, Black people have been killed for much less than Working While Black. But the officers of the Golden Valley Police Department who responded to the call, left the scene without taking any further action, according to a report.

That “without taking any further action” part is cool in the sense that Harmon was not beaten, arrested and/or murdered because of some BS that Karen-Elizabeth tried to instigate. However, that “without taking any further action” part is beyond uncool when you consider 1) it’s supposed to be against the law to call 911 with some bullsh*t, and 2) Karen-Elizabeth-Becky-Sarah-Brittney should be under the jail, or at least behind bars for attempted murder.

But, without suffering consequences for her actions, we already know more Karens are gonna Karen and Beckys and gonna Becky. But the next Alonzo Harmon might not be so lucky as to have the ability to tell his side of the story

*Source: TheRoot