NY AG Letitia James preparing ‘long list’ of Trump initiatives to undo
New York Attorney General Letitia James

New York Attorney General Letitia James recently announced her plans to immediately begin rolling back initiatives set in place by President Donald Trump, the loser in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Speaking to NBC News James said her office is prepared to reverse regulations passed by the Trump administration, the list of which is described as substantial.

“We’re preparing a list. And the list is long,” said James on Thursday. “We’ll have a team of individuals, again, working on reversing all of the bad regulations and laws that have been put forth … We will work with the Biden administration to ask them to file stays in a number of cases that are pending in the courts all across this country,” she said, according to NBC News.

Since her election in 2019, James hit the ground running, battling the soon-to-be outgoing administration on issues ranging from the environment, immigration, the USPS and the census, according to NBC. The attorney general’s office also conducted a year-long probe into Trump’s charity, a “charity” which was ultimately shut down for not delivering funds to the advertised constituents. James’ office is currently investigating financial irregularities in the Trump Organization.

James has faced criticism from Trump officials of being biased. Eric Trump delayed testifying in her probe of the company, calling legal efforts by her office “a continued political vendetta.” He ultimately did give a deposition in the case.

When asked about Eric Trump’s claim, James told the news outlet that she does not “pay a lot of attention to all the noise and all the critics.”

“A number of elected officials have accused me of bias. Some Republican attorneys general have accused me of political bias. I just put my head down and just go to work,” she told NBC.

“Again, politics is not an issue that I will tolerate in my office,” she said. “It’s based on allegations, primarily from individuals within the Trump administration who have come forward, and laid bare a pattern of illegality and misconduct, which requires an investigation on the part of regulators, i.e., the New York State Office of Attorney General.”

James added that her office is also reviewing “legal options to determine what action if any” state attorneys general will take, should the election results be contested.