NY mother, son shocked Black Twitter called them 'ghetto' for eating crawfish bucket on plane
Suzie Pratt and son Kmail Pratt seen here in the photo that has gone virual because of their dining choices. Twitter.

A New York woman, Suzie Pratt, and her son Kmail Pratt, have gone viral for their choice of airline dining.

The photo of the pair going in hard on a full deluxe seafood boil spread on a Spirit Airlines flight to Las Vegas has earned the two instant internet fame. 

The photograph, first shared by Twitter user @Notsonewlywedpc and captioned, “Where’s the air marshall?” captured airplane passenger Suzie enjoying a glass of wine with her tray of food, a seafood extravaganza with crab legs, corn, shrimp, something green and what appears to be Red Lobster biscuts.

Red Lobster could not be reached for comment.

The gigantic seafood dinner was made even more “ghetto fabulous,” according to Black Twitter, by the seemingly all-you-can-eat vat of crawfish–and Cheez-Its–strategically positioned between mother and grown-a son, who, by the looks of the photo, appears to be partial to the Cheez-Its.

Unlike Red Lobster, Cheez-Its was more than available for comment, but no reporters asked them “a day-yum thang.”

The photo was liked tens of thousands of times and widely shared across Twitter and Instagram. 

During an interview with News 12 in New York, Pratt and son said they were surprised the photo went viral, and even more surprised and a little hurt when they read negative comments online about the photo they said was taken by a flight attendant.

Neither TSA nor Spirit Airlines were available for comment, as they were reportedly still fumigating the plane as of press time. 

What surprised Mama Pratt the most was Black Twitter’s repeated use of the term “ghetto” to describe the duo and their dinner. 

“’Ghetto’ was disturbing to me because nothing about me and my son was ghetto,” she said. “We take pride in being classy. And it was more of classy thing than anything because I wasn’t even in first class, and I turned coach to first class.”

Dr. Onyx Irregardless Nubian, a Blackologist from Ma’at University, said of the mother and son’s dining choice, “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most ghetto possible, these two scored a ‘fiddeen.'”

Dr. Nubian added, “The fact that they thought busting out a bucket of crawfish on a plane, stank smell and all, was ‘being classy,’ and that they were disturbed being labeled as ‘ghetto’ suggests they both suffer from acute substantive superficial-boozhie (ASS) syndrome.”

Kmail, who some suspect has six older siblings, beginning with Email, said the feast he and his mom were sharing didn’t earn them any flack from their fellow passengers.

“They was just smiling,” he maintained, “and it was just a lot of positivity like people was running up taking their photos. We felt like stars.” 

It can neither be confirmed nor denied that the smiles Kmail spoke of looked like this…
…or this.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, food is allowed through airport security.

“Yes, you may pack food in your carry-on or checked bag,” stated TSA’s official website. “But remember all food must undergo x-ray screening. Foods that are liquids, gels or aerosols must comply with the 3-1-1 liquids rule. TSA officers make the final decision on whether certain items are permitted into the secured areas of the airport.”

According to Suzie Pratt, the flight that produced the viral video showed nothing new, but rather, her standard operating procedure for flight meals.

“I’ve never flew without my seafood,” she contended. “I never had a seafood-less flight. I would bring seafood into water parks for my daughter’s birthday.”

Reportedly, the Pratts own a seafood business in their native Brooklyn called KCLAWS, and hope the attention their photo is generating will translate into more business and maybe even catch the attention of–wait for it–Wendy William. Their goal? No, not to have Williams become a member of the Mile (is y’all) High Crawfish Club, but rather to cook with Williams on her show.  

Still, with tens of thousands of social media likes, there are many who are certainly co-signing Suzie Pratt’s assertion that their in-flight dinner menu transformed “coach to first class.”

However, for others, the Pratt’s airborne dinner menu is no laughing matter.

“I would have sued the airline if I had a shellfish allergies. All that seafood in the recycled air can’t be good. As soon as I smelled it I would have started twitching just to get a refund on that flight,” one wrote