If you’ve ever found yourself giving President Obama the side-eye for not wearing his wedding ring while speaking or shaking hands with the public, he has his reasons.

Our beloved President usually slips off his wedding band because he doesn’t want to risk losing it. According to a video published by The Washington Post, “One of the jobs of the leader of the free world is to shake hands with the public. A lot of hands. For President Obama, that means taking additional precautions — and we don’t mean by using a lot of disinfectant afterward… Obama, who recently celebrated his 24th wedding anniversary, deftly takes off his wedding band and slips it into his pocket before shaking hands. Even with all the Secret Service agents around him, the president isn’t taking any chances with his personal valuables.”

But if President Obama were to lose his wedding ring like Solange did this past year during Mardi Gras celebrations, he would only need to call the Ring Finders. The company is an international online directory of metal detecting specialists who hunt for your lost jewelry. Although it may seem like a lost cause when you lose a personal item of value, the Rind Finders have made 2,998 recoveries–that’s $5.2 million worth of jewelry, Glamour reports.

One newlywed found himself in a tizzy when his wedding ring flew into the Atlantic Ocean as he swam alongside the coast of South Carolina. He and his wife immediately took to Craigslist to post a listing just in case the ring washed ashore and someone found it. The listing connected the couple with the Ring Finders, who found the ring in less than 20 minutes.


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