The 2017 Medscape Physician Compensation Report shows that black doctors are still paid less than their white counterparts, by about 15 percent.

With black doctors making on average $262,000 as compared to $303,000 compared to their white counterparts, it’s no wonder that the report also found that black doctors are far more likely to feel that they are not being compensated fairly, with only 50 percent of black doctors saying that they are fairly compensated.

The pay gap still exists when it comes to gender as well, though in some fields, the gender gap is shrinking. However, the gap seems to be less pronounced when age is taken into account. Male physicians aged 55-69 make 27 percent more than their female counterparts, but in the group of physicians under age 34, the gap is 18 percent.

What’s more, it seems that rural doctors make more than urban ones do, with Alaska and the Dakotas boasting the highest-paid doctors in the country.

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