Walmarting while Black: employee fired for harassing customer
Screenshot courtesy of ABC 7 News.

A Walmart employee in Moreno Valley California is now out of a job. And justifiably so. The now former employee was video-taped going on an inexplicable and unprovoked white supremacist tirade against a customer, a Black man, who was exiting the store on the day before Thanksgiving after paying for everything in his cart.

But that little detail, the part about the brother paying for his goods, didn’t stop the Walmart white nationalist from taking racist action.

The customer, who did not wish to be publicly identified, said it all started when the worker asked to check his receipt before he left the store the day before Thanksgiving. As the brother tried to get the receipt, he says, as do witnesses of the encounter, that the racist worker tried blocking him, saying in the form of broken English known as eurobonics, “You people always trying to steal.”

The worker then started taking items from the Black man’s cart.

“I was like ‘what are you doing?’… I chased him down, said give me my item and I took the item back from him and then he went to my cart and took the other items out of my cart,” the customer told the area Eyewitness News affiliate ABC 7 News (KABC-TV). “So basically we’re fighting over the items… and then I said ‘Just give me a manager. Give me a manager’.”

In the video, the Walmart employee is heard repeatedly calling the brother “nigg*r” and violently throwing one of the brother’s purchased items back into his shopping cart. using a derogatory word. The Walmart white nationalist can also be seen in the video making violent gestures and moves toward the Black man who showed amazing restraint.

Walmart recently made national news for the mass shooting in . The mega-chain store was also in the news roughly three months ago as another Black man who was racially profiled while shopping at Walmart won a court case in which the judge ordered Walmart to pay him $4.4 million for the 2020 incident at a Portland, Oregon-area store.

The customer said he filed an incident report at the store. ABC 7 said their station reached out to Walmart for comment, but had not yet received a response. A Walmart spokesperson did inform the LA Times that the worker guilty of harassing the Black customer is “no longer with the company.” There is no confirmation yet that the racist was immediately recruited to join the Home Depot team.