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TSU gets $2.6 mil grant to study structural racism, perinatal health disparities

Texas Southern University’s Center for Justice Research, Baylor College of Medicine, and UTHealth McGovern Medical School will receive $2.6 million from the National Institutes of Health to examine perinatal health disparities in the greater Houston area. The research that will be funded by this grant comes at a time of urgent need for maternal health solutions, as the United States has the highest maternal mortality rate among 13 high-income countries, and as the maternal mortality rate for Black women in America is more than double the overall U.S. rate.

Researchers aim to examine the root causes of inequities and the overlapping of health and criminal justice data to gain a more holistic understanding of perinatal health disparities. The project has four key objectives: Examine the impact of structural racism on racial and ethnic disparities in maternal hypertension and gestational diabetes; Examine the impact of structural racism on racial and ethnic disparities in low birth weights and preterm birth; Determine the joint impact of multiple areas of structural racism on disparities in perinatal health outcomes; and Determine key structural racism predictors of poor perinatal health outcomes

FAFSA application opening pushed to Dec. 2023

The application, which usually opens up on Oct.1, has been delayed due to the new changes brought to the application and is currently projected to open up in December for the 2024-25 school year.

The FAFSA Simplification Act was passed in 2022, and the new simplified version of the form will come with key changes to the student index calculation. FAFSA will still ask how many dependents are in college, however, that number will not be used to determine the amount of aid a student could receive. Another key change is that the child support received from parents or by parents is going to now be considered an asset, he added.

Due to the direct exchange of information between the IRS and FASFA, parents will now provide consent for the transfer of the information exchange rather than sending the information themselves. The new FASFA form will bring another change for students whose parents do not have a social security card. Historically, those without a social security card have not been able to sign the form electronically. The new form will allow the parents to create an FSA ID and sign online.

Honeyland Fund dispersing grants for Black businesses

The Honeyland Festival has launched the application page for their fund which aims to invest up to $1 million in grants over the course of three years, to support Black creators and innovators and bring awareness to emerging talent in entertainment, events and hospitality.

The fund will channel support toward community-based initiatives and projects that encapsulate the values of the Honeyland Festival and will serve as an effective vehicle for positive societal change. The deadline to apply is Oct. 9, 2023. In addition to business application-submitted grants, the Honeyland Fund will also award partnership grants to their non-profit partners.

Finally, proceeds from Honeyland Festival ticket sales will also go towards an education-based grant. Awardees for all three types of grants will be announced closer to the festival, happening Nov. 11 & 12, 2023 at The Crown Festival Park in Sugar Land, TX. For more details and criteria, email

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AT&T’s Rising Future Makers Showcase seeks HBCU students

Through the Dream in Black platform, the AT&T Rising Future Makers Showcase is seeking HBCU students to amplify their aspirations with unparalleled connections, networks, and prospects that will propel their goals.

Twenty-five students will be designated to receive exceptional prizes, including: $5,000 scholarship; A 5G-enabled Tablet with 1-year of complimentary AT&T service; A coveted Rising Future Maker letter jacket; Exclusive access to industry events, mentoring opportunities, and more.

In addition, for every 5 Rising Future Maker applications submitted AT&T is donating a laptop device to high school students. Visit