COVID ain't playing with y'all: Message from Managing Editor ReShonda Tate
GRAPHIC CONTENT - A blanket is pulled to cover the body of a patient after medical personnel tried without success to save her life inside the Coronavirus Unit at United Memorial Medical Center, Monday, July 6, 2020, in Houston. Her death from COVID-19 is a grim warning for Texas, which has seen a surge in the number of people testing positive since it loosened restrictions on gatherings in May. Photo by David J. Phillip/AP.

COVID ain’t playing with y’all

As an author, I always say one of the best things about the Internet, is anyone can write a book. And one of the worst things about the Internet, is anyone can write a book. That same thing applies to the Internet and these COVID-19 vaccine “specialists.” “The vaccine makes you blind.” “The vaccine plants chips in you.” The amount of misinformation on the Internet is baffling. Since everyone now has a voice, anyone can say anything online. And anti-vaxxers are proving they are downright dangerous, using their platforms to spread lies and misinformation. It’s such a problem that the surgeon general issued an advisory declaring it an “urgent threat” to public safety.

ReShonda Tate

Here’s some REALinformation….96% of the new cases at Houston Methodist are with UNVACCINATED people. Eighty-three percent of deaths in Texas in the last month were with UNVACCINATED people. Just talked with a woman whose husband was against the vaccine because he read the conspiracy theories online. She’s urging everyone to get vaccinated. He can’t do it because he’s dead. COVID claimed his 42-year-old life. I know the picture above is graphic but I hope it serves as a grim reminder that this is not a joke. This virus and all its variant cousins are looking for hosts and finding yes, there are a few breakthroughs with vaccinated people still getting COVID, but their symptoms are mild and it’s better to get a mild case WITH the vaccine than be in the morgue WITHOUT it.

Tokyo thinks preventing sex can beat COVID

You read that right. In an effort to combat COVID at the Tokyo Olympics, officials are trying to curb lovemaking among athletes with “Anti-Sex” beds.The cardboard beds are designed to collapse under the weight of two people potentially engaging in hanky-panky. The beds are made from recycled cardboard and can reportedly hold up to 440 pounds. So if you’re 150 pounds and the person you want to get entangled with is 200 pounds, y’all good.

By the way, the committee says they’ll also be issuing condoms at this year’s games to promote safe sex amongst players with the hopes of “encouraging athletes to spread the message back in their home countries.” So who cares about breathing contaminated air….as long as athletes don’t have sex in the bed (the floor is a different story) and use condoms…Tokyo believes it can prevent the spread of COVID-19. I can’t believe this is real life….

Bezos to the moon!

Okay, maybe he didn’t make it to the moon, but folks are up in arms about former Amazon gazillionaire Jeff Bezos taking a trip to space, to the tune of $27.5 million. “He could’ve fed the homeless.” “It’s so selfish!” “That money could build new schools.” Look, Bezos going to space is the equivalent of you or I spending a grand on a vacation in the Bahamas. I get it…$27 mil is a lot of money. But it’s his money. And this may be an unpopular opinon, but neither Bezos nor Richard Branson, who went into space last week, owe us a thing. If they want to build rockets, hang upside down from a tree and collect worms, or light their money on fire, it’s their money to do just that. (Now, I will say they do need to be paying their fair share of taxes but that’s another story).

We could say all day what we would or wouldn’t do with our money. But if and when you ever get it, I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone telling you how to spend it. Spending that kind of money on space makes no sense to me. But that new Burberry bag I treated myself to doesn’t make sense to my fiancé, so….I work hard and that’s my luxury reward. Just happens that Bezo’s luxury is in a whole other stratsosphere. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Bezos is a charitable dude. He just gave Van Jones $100 million through a “Courage and Civility” award to donate to a charity as Jones sees fit. Hey Jeff. I have courage. I’m charitable. Just putting that out there….