The battle against Covid isn't over. A doctor, right, assists nurses as they treat a patient delivered by emergency medical personnel for Covid symptoms. Photo by JOhn Minchillo, AP.
ReShonda Tate Billingsley

It isn’t over….

Our governor is crazy. I don’t know if he truly believes that we are out of the woods when it comes to the Coronavirus, if he’s trying to jump on the Trump derailed train, or if he wants us to be talking about anything other than his abysmal performance in the recent storms. What I do know is he is playing a dangerous game with Texans’ lives. Returning the businesses to normal, I get. Livelihoods are at stake. Getting rid of a mask mandate makes no sense. Lives are at stake. What harm is it to continue the enforcement of masks for a little while longer? Oh…people are complaining about their rights being infringed upon because you make them wear masks? I guess we should cancel the seat belt law as well.

Y’all do what you wanna do. I’m vaccinated and STILL, as for me and my house…we’re wearing masks.

Speaking of vaccines

Have you gotten yours? If you’re not in the 1A or 1B category, don’t worry, relief is on the way. Texas health officials say the guidance around who will be included in group 1C, the next group eligible to be vaccinated, will be finalized and shared this month. Our vote is for educators and grocery store workers. We’re happy to hear Harris County is getting 20,000 doses of the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Bring on more!

Many of UT’s Black student athletes have been demnding chang on campus for the past few years. Photo courtesy of KVUE.

All eyes on Texas

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, so the school is near and dear to my heart. But come on, Longhorns. It’s long past time to hang up the fight song. “The Eyes of Texas” became a hot-button topic in the aftermath of the officer-related death of George Floyd. Students at UT took issue with the song’s origins—it was inspired by Confederate general Robert E. Lee and made its debut in 1903 during a campus minstrel show performed by white students in blackface—and soon after, both student-athletes and school band members protested and took action. The Texas marching band refused to play it during the Longhorns’ final two home games. Now, not only is the school responding by blasting it over the loudspeakers…but wealthy donors are threatening to stop donating if the school gets rid of the fight song. The school is being flooded with hundreds of emails moaning about “cancel culture” and demanding that the school take a stand in support of the fight song or else. Sounds about white. I get it, its steeped in history. And I hate to admit, I even sang it back in the day, not realizing its racist undertones. But when you know better, you do better. UT, do better.

Blame the Blacks

Did you catch FBI Director Chris Wray’s testimony where he debunked conspiracy theories promoted by right-wing supporters of former President Donald Trump? Since the Jan. 6 insurrection, those supporters have tried to blame Antifia and Black Lives Matter, and other leftist extremists, saying they disguised themselves as Trump supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol. Wray told lawmakers this narrative was false, adding that a number of the rioters belong to far-right militia movements, or were motivated by racial ideologies – but none to date appear to belong to any left-wing groups. It was like four Black people in that whole mob, but yeah, let’s blame the Blacks (insert eye roll).