Texas State Rep. Senfronia Thompson, dean of the Texas House of Representatives, speaks aDemocratic members of the Texas legislature hold a news conference at the U.S Capitol on July 13, 2021. The Democrats left Austin to deprive the Legislature of a quorum as they try to kill a Republican bill making it harder to vote. Photp by J. Scott Applewhite / AP).

Fight to the finish

ReShonda Tate Billingsley

I don’t know about you, but I’m ecstatic to see the fight from Texas Democrats. For the longest, I’ve said Dems play checkers, Republicans play chess. Dems want to do things right and in order, (ie, follow COVID protocols and not go door-to-door during the political race). No disrespect to our Forever FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, but we’re tired of always going high. Sometimes, especially with a Trump-GOP-cult, you have to get in the gutter to fight the fight.

State Rep. Ron Reynolds pictured just before joining his Texas Democratic colleagues on a charter jet heded for the nation’s Capitol.

That’s why I was all too happy to see the Dems charter a jet to Washington, D.C. to prevent a quorum during the recent legislative Special Session. It might have not stopped House Bill 3 — which passed in the Texas Senate on a party line vote, but is set to die without a quorum in the House – but it showed Dems doing something. Now critics are saying leaving the state to block restrictive voting legislation is outrageous. But requiring people to wait in line for 17 hours to testify on that same legislation isn’t? Okay.

Republicans want to outlaw things like 24-hour voting and widespread voting by mail that seemed to some of them to help the Democrats in the last election.

They’re losing, so they’re trying to change the game. I’m happy we’re finally putting the checkers board away.

Whitesplaning MLK

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. giving Kevin McCarthy and all GOP members who use his name in vain, the side eye from the Great Beyond. Photo by Marvin Koner.

Have you ever noticed that when white folks get backed into a racial corner, they go to “WWMLKD” (What would MLK do)?  Black people learn about racism mostly through our lived experiences while white people learn about racism through distorting the only Black man in history that they can relate to. Enter House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who recently continued the conservative tradition of whitesplaining Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to Black people while denouncing an academic study many white people would also like to see assassinated on a balcony.

“Critical Race Theory goes against everything Martin Luther King Jr. taught us—to not judge others by the color of their skin,” McCarthy captioned over looped video footage of him dramatically saying the same ill-informed words. “The Left is trying to take America backward.”

First of all, does McCarthy even know what Critical Race Theory is? Or is he jumping on the Trump-led bandwagon? Secondly, even MLK’s daughter called out this craziness. And wanted she didn’t say (but I’m sure wanted to…) ‘Keep her daddy’s name out your mouth.’

‘Karens’ gone wild

Abigail Elphick goes full ‘Karen’ and plays the victim after attacking Black customer. (YouTube)

There’s a reason people instantly break out their cameras when someone starts acting a fool. Yes, some people do it for social media fame. But a lot of Black people, in particular, do it for, “Can you believe this sh*t?”

Take a recent trip to get some new panties for a shopper at Short Hills Mall in New Jersey.  Ijeoma Ukenta just wanted to use her coupon for a free panty in peace at the mall’s Victoria’s Secret store—but ended up in the midst of a viral “Karen” incident, instead.

Ukenta says while searching for through a bin, a white woman nudged her aside. After a rightful “excuse me” from Ukenta, the woman apparently tried to flip the aggression, causing Ukenta to turn on her phone camera—just in time to catch the woman assaulting her. Of course, after attempting to swat the woman’s phone away, she played the victim, acting aghast at a nonexistent assault while crouching and screeching and begging not to be recorded (as if she couldn’t just leave the store herself).

In spite of the histrionics, perhaps the most infuriating part of the footage is when another white shopper at the register asks why Ukenta doesn’t just “walk away from her”—as if her fellow white woman is entitled to stay and disturb the peace and Ukenta is the interloper for simply filming to protect herself—or get her free panties.

Hey, maybe the woman had her meltdown because she knew Black Twitter was about to make her famous. Head over to our social media media pages to watch the debacle…and help make her fears come true.