We deserve better

I’m going to be honest. I had hoped I would happily be able to write this message, highlighting the enthusiastic rebuke of Donald Trump and the last four years. Like many, I not only wanted a political victory, I wanted a moral victory. And while it looks like Biden is thisclose to winning, the American people have already lost. This divided nation and narrow election is a profound indictment of America. 

240,000+ people are dead, mostly because of a pandemic that was mismanaged from the start. Millions are out of work. Trump has thumbed his nose at laws, ethics, morals and civility. With all of that, there should be no reason that he should’ve even been competitive, let alone won as many states as he did (Texas, I’m side-eyeing you). Joe Biden even broke Obama’s record of the most votes in presidential history with more than 73-million votes. And yet, here we are. That tells you everything you need to about where we are as America. 

So what happened? 

Don’t blame Blacks

As I watched the pundits analyze and scrutinize the election, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone said “What happened to the Black vote?” Look, this ain’t on us. And while we generally bear the weight of the world on our shoulder, this one is on y’all. Despite the fact that early exit polls show 12 percent of Black men sided with Trump (that’s a whole other story), Black women did the thing we always do, which is save everything and the world at the same time…and over 80% of Black men voted for Biden, so there’s that. No, this fiasco….this nail-biting non-repudiation of a tyrant is not on us. 

Racism wasn’t a deal breaker
For the record, I don’t believe everyone who votes for Trump is a racist. But most racists voted for Trump. From the Central Park 5 to his dog whistles about the suburbs, to very fine people, to defending “patriots” like Kyle Rittenhouse, Trump has always shown his true colors. For a moment, this summer, after the tragic death of George Floyd, we were lulled into believing Black lives really mattered. But and the end of the day, white people closed rank around whiteness. When it came time to vote, white liberals had moved on to another cause…..white racists did what they were going to do…..millions tuned into Trump’s reality show and instead of doing their own homework, bought into the lies….And still others, were only thinking about their personal economic well being. If racism isn’t a deal breaker in a national leader, that’s a problem.

So the real question is why would all of these white people, particularly 55% of white women, vote for Trump? Why would any American vote for a man who is responsible for hundreds of pandemic deaths, who’s a proven racist, misogynist, and a whole bunch of other “ists.” A man who’s a criminal and uses the White House for his own financial enrichment and engagement and who lies about everything from what he’s done for the economy to the size of his….hands and crowds? Just why?

This election has opened my eyes to several things, including the fact that many MAGA supporters don’t wear red hats and skinfolks out here really voting in ONLY their economic best interests and believing the Trump lies of giving us $500 billion (Bye, Felicia).  Oh yeah, and the fact that Black lives don’t matter to the masses.

Where do we go from here?

Biden gave a unity speech the day after the election. The way my petty is set up, I’m not ready to extend the olive branch, but it’s so refreshing to have a leader who takes the high road. Biden is right about one thing we have to fix these divided states of America. And part of our moving forward is to change this country at its core. We deserve nothing less than transformation. We deserve a better America.