How one woman is finding healing as she celebrates her 20th wedding anniversary with a divorce.

By Makasha Dorsey

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but the blogger in me had to write something. When I first started blogging, I used to participate in a blog link-up with the hashtag #wifeywednesday. I’m in the middle of a divorce, and today is my 20th wedding anniversary.

For a while, my tagline was wife in progress. Let’s say I was committed. Until… I wasn’t.

Out of respect for my soon-to-be ex-husband and our children, I won’t get into the reasons for the divorce. However, because I am a blogger, I thought I’d take you on my journey to becoming an ex-wife and single mother.

I expected to have bittersweet emotions today, but all I feel is a relief that I can finally say this out loud and that I am in a position to move on with my life gracefully, knowing that I was the best wife I could be. I look forward to building an abundant, prosperous life filled with love, happiness and peace.

What’s Next?


Initially, my blog was where I could share my highs, lows and other ruminations. I told the truth back then, but started hiding because my life wasn’t what I imagined it would be. When you hide, you become invisible. You lose yourself.

Over the past seven or eight years, I found myself again. I think that’s why I stopped writing. I realized I could not truthfully share my life or be an effective writer because I was holding back. Good writers can’t hold back.

I also stopped writing because I needed to be responsible. I understand better than most the adage that hurt people hurt people. I refused to allow my pain to seep into my writing and cause my words to be hurtful or misdirected. Over the past few years, I have gone to therapy, done some soul-searching, spent time studying, and, most importantly, healing.

My core values haven’t changed.

I believed in God.

I believe that marriage is symbolic of Christ’s relationship with the church.

I believe being a woman is much more than being a wife and mother.

I believe that serving and honoring God with my whole heart is my greatest purpose.

I believe that I am called to write. You must live to write. So, that’s what I will do.

Makasha Dorsey is a writer and film producer based in the Metro Atlanta area. She blogs at Makasha’s Instagram handle is @makashad.