Young Dolph performs at The Parking Lot Concert in Atlanta on Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020. Officials say rapper Young Dolph has been fatally shot at a cookie shop in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, and a search is underway for the shooter. (Photo by Paul R. Giunta/Invision/AP, File)

Former NFL player arrested after alleged domestic violence dispute

The issue of domestic violence is a topic to which many people have been desensitized. The video of former NFL player Zac Stacey violently assaulting his ex-girlfriend would leave you in shock that this is something that happens behind closed doors. I mean, the man took the mother of his child and tossed her into a television like a rag doll. And she still had the power to try to convince him to calm down. Women in most domestic violence cases are crucified at the stake for speaking up in fear for their lives, or worse, having to face harsh words of public opinion. Can you imagine what would have happened if there weren’t any video recordings of this incident? The sad reality is domestic abuse happens in the shadows more regularly than we would like to believe. The NFL has had its fair share of these repetitive incidents that they’ve attempted to nip in the bud, but I don’t think they’re doing enough. 

Death of Young Dolph shakes up Memphis

When I heard the news about the killing of Memphis rapper Young Dolph all I could think about were the other promising rap artists who died senselessly to gun violence. Nipsey Hussle, XXXtentacion, Pop Smoke. The list goes on. Young Dolph was killed in a shooting near a popular bakery in Memphis after stepping out of his vehicle to buy some cookies. According to his lawyer, before he was killed, he was in the city for his annual Thanksgiving giveaway. He was on his way to the event to hand out turkeys when he was stopped at the bakery and was fatally shot. In his HOMETOWN. This opened up a slew of dialogue on social media about the motives behind his death. Many believed it to be jealousy (crab in the barrel mentality), and others saw it as another reminder of the gun violence that continues to plague the Black community. As news continues to unfold, I hope the culprits are brought to justice. 

Da DaBaby debacle continues

FILE – DaBaby attends the world premiere of “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Thursday, July 15, 2021, in New York. DaBaby was cut Sunday, Aug. 1, 2021 from Lollapalooza’s closing lineup following crude and homophobic remarks he made days before at a Miami-area music festival. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

This summer was pretty evident that Charlotte rapper DaBaby had himself a large slice of humble pie after the rather unfavorable comments he made about HIV and gay men during his set at Rolling Loud Miami in July. After issuing a public apology and walking that thin line with what I call the “Cancel Culture Committee,” things died down until recently when the world watched the drama between him and his child’s mother, singer Dani Leigh. The rapper belittled their “relationship” and “playfully” denied the paternity of the child. In general, this isn’t a good week for hip hop, and certainly not a good week for Black men. DaBaby should do himself a favor and grow up before he does something he can’t come back from.