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The Black Community is fighting on multiple fronts from COVID-19 to social injustice.  In the midst of this paradigm shift the Houston Defender is continuing its mission of service to the community despite the economic challenges.

In an effort to shed light on the importance of African-Americans in the Houston area paying attention to the coronavirus pandemic and utilizing the Defender as the main information source, Se7en the Poet joined the Defender COVID-19 Facebook campaign.

As the veteran spoken word artist, Se7en, is a renowned poet, author and motivational speaker who is recognized nationwide and has opened doors for many upcoming spoken word talents. Se7en the Poet rounds out the series of three spoken word artists featured during the Defender COVID-19 Facebook campaign.

When asked about his creative presentation of the Defender COVID-19 message, Se7en said, “ As a griot in our community, I understand why the Defender is important! They are here to tell the story and so am I.”

Reflecting on Se7en’s message Defender CEO and publisher Sonny Messiah Jiles stated, “It is only fitting that Se7en with his creative expressions be the finale for our COVID-19 campaign.  It is powerful and captures the essence of what we wanted to communicate.”

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