Legacy Community Health conducted an online survey among parents and guardians of pediatric patients between 04/27/2020 and 05/15/2020 following Harris County’s stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The survey was provided in English and Spanish to help understand potential barriers to care imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home orders. The results suggest many parents aged early 20s to mid-40s decided to forego their children’s pediatric well-child check-ups and scheduled vaccinations due to the pandemic

While Legacy already sounded the alarm on the drop-off in pediatric appointments following the state’s/county’s lockdown, the new data supports parents’ growing interest in telemedicine/telehealth, 44% of surveyed patients’ visits over the next three months are for well-child check-up appointments; an additional 36% are for vaccinations.

  • Of those who missed appointments during the lockdown, 53% cancelled due to the stay-at-home order.
  • Only 17% of respondents attended pediatric visits as planned.
  • 36% of respondents are looking to pursue future visits virtually.

The results of the survey can be found on the Legacy site here.

Legacy began telemedicine/telehealth appointments in mid-March when the stay-at-home order was enacted. Telemedicine refers to virtual medical visits with licensed medical providers (such as consulting with a doctor or nurse practitioner for a cough or fever), while telehealth refers to virtual visits that provide health services that are not medical (such as a therapy session with a counselor).

To set up an appointment, new or established patients need to call (832) 548-5000 to see a provider. This service is provided in English and Spanish.

Legacy also continues to offer adult and pediatric primary care and sick visits, HIV/AIDS care, OB/GYN services, free HIV and pregnancy testing, and virtual social services, health education, and behavioral health services for adults and children. Locations and their hours of operation may change, but are always updated at www.legacycommunityhealth.org.

Legacy accepts most HMOs/PPOs, Medicaid, Medicare and CHIP plans. Legacy also utilizes a sliding scale fee to lower the cost of services for uninsured patients.