A recent photo of eight Black woman firefighters has the people’s approval after it was posted on social media.

The women represent Prince George’s County Fire Department, a county which is made of predominately Black neighborhoods in Maryland. All eight of them are the newest inductees into the fire department and took to the ‘gram to make it a moment.

One of the women in the group named Tiarra Allen, who is also a licensed stylist, posted the photo to Instagram, describing the incredible journey that the women took together.

“This here is a bond that will never be broken. 32 week[s] ago we were all strangers and nervous about the decision we made to join the fire department,” Allen wrote. “As the months went on we stayed close without all the catty BS. Being pushed to our pull potential physically (running 8.5 miles) and mentally (becoming nationally certified EMTs). If one of us failed, we all came together and set up a plan for success. These are my sisters for life and we would risk our lives for each other. As we go our separate ways we will always share memories that will last us a lifetime.”

There is a shortage of women firefighters in a field which is predominately male dominated. According to a 2018 study published in the Harvard Law Review, 96 percent of U.S. career firefighters are men, and 82 percent are white, and 95.5 percent are white, while 4.5 percent are women. And if we broke that figure down even further we KNOW that even less are Black women.

We wish nothing but blessings and continued success for these women as they put their lives on the line to serve their community.