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Stuck at home? Telecommuting and leadership expert David Harrison shares 8 tips for how to make the most of this unusual work-from-home moment.

An unprecedented number of people across the world — from CEOs to college students — now find themselves working from home. For some, this change is causing anxiety and uncertainty about how to maintain productivity.

David Harrison is a professor at the McCombs School of Business and a research expert on effective telecommuting and leadership. We reached out to him for advice on how to make the most of telecommuting while practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The data on telecommuting is overwhelmingly positive,” he says. “Our meta-analysis found that people who telecommuted actually had higher performance. The only downside was a possible drop in the quality of their relationship with their co-workers.”

His biggest advice is to keep the virtual communication portals open. “Maintaining a connection with your peers and team is crucial,” he says. “You should be prepared to communicate more frequently about your day-to-day processes.”

Harrison believes this could be an opportunity to see how telecommuting works in new settings such as the classroom. He encourages others to remember this is uncharted territory for many, and we are all in it together. “Be more patient, be more generous and be more open. Hopefully you are picking up new skills,” he says.

Follow this link for his eight tips on how to succeed at embracing this telecommuting change.