Who is Giorgio Green?

Age: 33

Occupation: Emergency Dispatcher & Personal Trainer

Education: Grambling State University

Major: Social Work

Motto: “Be Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Already Taken”.

Unknown facts: “I can be very goofy and clumsy outside of my ordinary days. I’m in love with the minions”.

Fitness start: “I was a cheerleader at Grambling State University and we were always working out, especially during hell week. I loved the way my body started to develop. After I graduated tho I fell off and gained weight and did not like how I looked. From there I got back into fitness, became consistent and fell more in love with my body transformation and look”.

Fitness advice: “Decide today to commit and make that change. Don’t sit on the thought of working out and procrastinating wasting every day after that when you can be well into your first week of your fitness journey. And find a friend to do it with you”!

My fitness goal: “My top fitness goals are controlled breathing when running and a tighter core”.

Top 3 fitness tips:

  • Make every exercise move full out and extended.
  • Meal Prep
  • Stretch

Social Media:

IG: @beyoutifulifit

Facebook: Giorgio Green

Nutrition: I believe that portion control is important.

“My breakfast is usually either oatmeal or a shake or smoothie. My dinner and lunch mainly consist of a meat and vegetable. Everyday I drink one gallon of water. Sometimes I get to a gallon and a half. Snacks like fruits or protein packs I eat in between. I believe that portion control is important’.

“Do not stuff yourself too capacity”.

“My advice for someone who wants to eat better is to start off with meal prep from a well known Nutritionist in your area. Eating heathy is a bra habit that has to be formed and conquered so by the time you’re ready to branch out on your own, you’ll be confident and consistent with doing it on your own’.

Physical: I’d say weightlifting is the most effective for the long-term.

“Stretch! Roll your muscles, cramps, and soreness out of your body”.

Mental: It’s definitely hard to balance work life, family and fitness.

“It’s definitely hard to balance work life, family and fitness. I’d like to say that I set aside a day per week to spend time with others but that one day is really spent resting and catching up on the next weeks work. But I have set a cut off time twice a week to stop training for the day that allows me to chill and clean up around the house”.

Spiritual: Pray every morning.

“Pray every morning, during the day, asking for protection, guidance, and awareness”.

I'm originally from McNair, Texas as though you knew where that is. I purchased the Houston Defender at age 27 in 1981 using creative financing by assuming the previous owner's debt. The journey has been...