Houston’s music world is currently mourning the loss of a well-known and up-and-coming DJ known as DJ D Baby.

The talented artist, Darian Lewis, died at the age of 23 after falling from an apartment balcony last week.

Houston police said Lewis fell from a balcony on the 13th floor down to the 9th-floor pool area on July 4. The incident is still under investigation, but all the evidence points to it being an unfortunate accident, police said.

Darian’s mother, Terry Lewis, confirmed her daughter’s death in a shared Facebook post-last week.

“My youngest and only daughter has transitioned, please pray for the family, my heart is heavy and broken,” Terry wrote on social media.

Born on June 24, the Houston-area DJ and entrepreneur celebrated her 23rd birthday just two weeks before her tragic death.

In an interview with Voyage Houston, Darian said becoming a DJ was something that she talked about during her entire time in high school. She said it wasn’t until she graduated and attended Texas Southern University that she became DJ D Baby.

“The crazy part about is at the time, I could barely DJ. I saw going to college as a way to reinvent myself and start a new journey. The rest is history in the making,” Darian said in the interview. “I’m most proud of being the youngest female DJ in Houston making a name for myself. I’m only 22 years old traveling the world to DJ, becoming a QC DJ, being a 1501 DJ, and being affiliated with some the best media outlets and brands. I love my job. My job has definitely had a big influence on my outlook of life.”