Ainias Smith Has What It Takes

The stereotype of a dumb jock does not apply to the Dulles three-way starter, Ainias Smith. Smith holds a 3.6 GPA, is enrolled in multiple college level AP classes, volunteers with Christian athletes in his off time and did I mention this young man can ball too. When Dulles head football coach J.L. Geist was asked about what Smith brings to the team he states, “He is just a leader. He’s a guy that just does it right all the time. He’s got great character. He leads in the school, and he leads on the team. He is willing to do whatever is asked of him. He trains hard; He works hard; He cares about his team and he’s a team first guy. That’s what makes him so special. Besides the fact he is an incredible athlete and can play anywhere on the field, he really cares about his team and he’s a character guy.” The defender spoke with Smith about his style of play and keys to victory before Dulles was defeated in the bi-district first round of the playoff by Katy Taylor, 28-13.

Ainias Smith Q&A

Q: How would you describe your style of play?

A:“On the offensive side I definitely describe my style of play as a quick person. I am also very aggressive. I can run you over, juke you or jump over you. So really I am an all around type of guy. I can catch the ball in traffic and can do it all on offense. It really it is kinda hard for a defensive player to expect what’s coming their way. Then on defense I am definitely an aggressive player and I am also a ballhawk. I’ll go track the ball and locate it and that’s what makes my game so unique because I am so versatile.”

Q: Tell us the keys to victory against your opponent Katy Taylor?

A:“It is going to take a lot of leadership during practice. The practice this week is definitely going to have to step up because from now on we are playing playoff teams. This game was a real good game and we have to take this energy and momentum over to the next game.”

Q: What are your team’s keys to success this season?

A: “Fighting through adversity. We had to have people that aren’t usually starters come and step up. Then the starters that weren’t able to play, we have to get in their heads and put a word in their ear so that they can be able to step up.”

Q: With the injuries sustained, how do you plan to carry your team through the playoffs?

A: “By taking all the hard work and the dedication we put in this summer, we are going to keep that in our heads all through practice and during the games. Also our coaches are a big help because they always help us out, give us a speech in the fourth quarter just to make sure we get our heads right so that we can work hard and play together as a team.”

Ainias Smith Bio

Twitter: @ainias_smith

Position: Running Back / Wide Receiver, Cornerback, Return Specialist

Class: 2019

College Commitment: Undecided

Scholarship Offers: Duke, Texas A&M, Georgia, Southern Miss and more

Favorite Subject: Math

Dream job after football: Build on His Dad’s Christian Leadership Program

World Problem You Would Solve: World Peace

Players Like To Watch In The NFL: On offense Calvin Ridley, Tyreke Hill and Stephon Diggs. On defense Jamal Adams and Jalen Ramsey.

Shoutouts: God, Parents, Workers at ACL, the Smith family in Corpus, the Smith family in Houston, my team, the Dulles Defensive Line and Offensive Line

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