JCU wrestler Samyra Thomas in action
JCU wrestler Samyra Thomas

Jarvis Christian University wrestler Samyra Thomas, a recent graduate of Kashmere High School, has hit the ground running in her freshman year.  After rising up in the 191-pound classification rankings this season, Thomas finished her first year ranked No. 13.

Through hard work and determination, Thomas has worked off nearly 30 pounds in her off-season and has been grinding non-stop ever since.

The Defender spoke with Thomas over the Christmas break about her journey through her freshman year, keys to success, the road to the Olympics, advice to others and more.

Love of Wrestling

“Doing all the other sports in high school built me up to this moment where when it came to wrestling it just came naturally.  And wrestling has brought a side out of me that wants to be and is this unapologetic dog that is willing to go a mile to be great.”

High School to College Journey

“Once I noticed that basketball was more love and hate and wrestling was all love, I knew that wrestling was where I can compete and commit to.  And ever since that point, it has been nothing but a blessing…”

Keys to Success

“Consistency, self-motivation, God and determination.  Just believe in yourself. Look at it like ‘Hey there is a challenge out there, just go for it.’”

Daily Routine

“Wake up and…pray to God for waking me up another day.  I do an hour or two of morning workouts, I go to about two or three classes before practice, and on certain days I will work out again for about a mile or two.  And after that I do my homework or my study.”

Maintaining Focus

“I have to remind myself ‘Samyra get up! You are literally in college, by yourself and no one is going to hold your hand or tell you to do this or take baby steps with you.  You need to start walking on your own.’”

Advice to Others

“What I did was start my freshman year writing down realistic goals that only I could do every day and accomplish.  Try to give yourself credit even for the little things.  I try to pat myself on the back for the little things because I realized in high school I was kind of hard on myself with my weight.  And it was unnecessary…When it gets hard and you are fighting with yourself just remember it is all a mental game that is built to both break you and make you.”