David "D.J." Hicks Profile PicCredit: Jimmie Agisson

With an NFL pedigree and a coach’s son resume, David “D.J.” Hicks is the highest-ranked high school prospect in the Texas area without question.

At 6-feet-4 and 270 pounds, Hicks has strength as solid as a rock, and he possesses a unique type of speed and quickness that could evoke comparisons to greats like Aaron Donald, Chase Young and Warren Sapp. His father, David Hicks Sr., is an assistant coach at Katy Paetow and former NFL player and Grambling standout.

As David Hicks Jr. takes his talents to Texas A&M next season, it will be interesting to see if the Aggies bulk him up to be a force inside as a lineman or move him to the edge to give opposing quarterbacks nightmares.  Either way, you should expect Hicks to put on a show that will have his name called sooner than later in an NFL Draft to come.

Hicks eyeballs the offense before making a play in the Katy backfield.

New Katy Paetow head coach Lonnie Teagle revealed what his new 5-star addition adds to the roster.

“Just his explosive playmaking ability.  He is able to command double teams which opens up opportunities for his teammates,” Teagle said. “And off the field, he is one of the hardest-working kids I’ve met.” 

The Defender spoke with Hicks to discuss his style of play, keys to success, leadership, advice to others and more.

Style of play

“I play aggressive, I play smart, and I am a leader on the defense.”

Keys to success

“It is really just my coaches and teammates that set me up with alley-oops to make plays.”

New interests

“I really started getting into anime during the COVID year.  I started watching a little bit Naruto, and after I started watching I was like, ‘this is hard!’”

Coaching dream after playing

“I want to coach.  My best path is coaching because I like helping people…I like working with young kids that look up to me and that really makes me want to coach even more.”


“I really learned a lot of my leadership from my coaches.  Before I got here in my sophomore year I was really quiet and noticed that the best way to become a good leader is to be able to stand up in the toughest moments and say what needs to be said.”

Factors for Texas A&M commitment

“Definitely the coaching staff, my parents, and talking to everyone in my family led to that decision.”

Advice to others

“Work hard, and if you believe you can achieve if you put in the work.”

Skill working on before college

“Getting smarter because it is all about mental.  A lot of people want to sharpen their physical, but you won’t be as good of a player if you’re not smart.”

About David ‘D.J.’ Hicks

Instagram: @thakiddj2x

Players he studies: Chase Young, Myles Garrett, Aaron Donald

Favorite food: Asian

Favorite subject: History

Honors: Ranked No. 1 player in Texas according to 247 and No. 17 in the nation by ESPN

Shout-outs: “My mom, my dad, grandma, grandpa, and everybody that has been in my corner throughout this whole process.”