As a professional football player, Keron Williams had achieved the notoriety of being a great defensive linemen and of being a champion in the Canadian Football League.

But his purpose didn’t really come to him until 2014 when he stood at the podium to discuss the logo had designed for that year’s CFL Festival. That was the beginning of the journey that has led Williams from the field to becoming a successful tech entrepreneur here in Houston.

“I had had a very successful career,” Williams said. “I had accomplished everything that I could ever want in terms of accolades, accomplishments and championship. I thought this is going to be my transition into a differ sphere in terms of being creative and helping people to understand what they are trying to present in terms of a story to a consumer market.”

From that moment, Williams turned his zeal for designing websites and logos into a success business that helps startups, small businesses and mid-sized companies shape their tech and brand identity. His company, Gravitt8 Development does website development, mobile application development along with Designs UI/UX Designs and consultation.

Not bad for a kid, who bounced around to eight different schools in West Palm Beach, Fla. as a product of a single-parent home, then began his college career at the University of Massachusetts with a 0.75 GPA before getting his act together to finish with a stellar playing career and a degree in Fine Arts.

“To think that our company is generating more than what I was making playing football is really an astonishing especially at the thought I can just sit down and do it,” said Williams, who spent eight years playing professional football primarily in the CFL. “I don’t have to put on pads, I don’t have to play in cold weather. I can just sit down and delegate. It’s great.”

But Williams does far more than give orders. He has sought to make a difference in the community since relocating on faith with his family from Orlando to Houston two years ago. Williams has been a mentor to young people and has offered his tech insight to companies free of charge to help them better understand the importance of their stories and communicating with the consumer via technology, especially during this time of COVID-19 where small companies are especially being hit hard.

He received The Millennial on The Move Award presented by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner in 2019.

“I think in this day and age everyone should understand the fundamentals around technology whether it’s the front facing of Zoom and how to navigate social media or the back end basic HTML, Williams said. “We are starting to shape how to incorporate some of those practices, especially in the minority community where information like that is seen as daunting. But it’s important because that where we are moving.”

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