When you see a 6’3” 324 pounds juggernaut going kamikaze directly towards you, most would either get out of the way or get mowed over like an 18-wheeler.  The same can be said about Atascocita 5-star, All-American senior left tackle Kam Dewberry.

  Not only is Kam big but he can move, making him different after going through one of the toughest divisions in the state if not the nation for consecutive seasons.  Dewberry’s arm length and reach allow him to make his presence felt in the run and pass game every play.  In the classroom, Dewberry is more than a model student that will most likely be an Academic All-American for the team he so chooses.

  My one critique is that Dewberry consistently keeps his hands inside the shoulder pads of opponents.  After some more coaching on how to make these holds look less obvious, the Hall of Fame gold jacket sky is the limit for Dewberry.  Remember “No call. No foul”.

  When Atascocita head coach Craig Stump was asked about his All-American as a football player and young man, Stump stated.

“From 9th grade year to now he has gotten stronger, athletic and flexible.  He is just a leader on the team.”

“He is more responsible, more mature with on and off the field stuff.” Coach Stump concludes. 

  The Defender spoke with Kam after Atascocita defeated C.E. King to discuss his style of play, keys to success, advice to others, and more.

Style of Play

“I feel like I’m a heavy defender in the run game especially when it comes to pulling and I am strong when it come to the pass as far as holding it down.  I just try to be as balanced as I can be.”

NFL Influencers

Trent Williams is the one I watch the most when it comes to run schemes and being able to be the best.  He is the best offensive tackle in the league in my opinion.  I really like Taylor Lewan at the Titans even though he is not at his best right now, he is a really good guy that I like to watch.”

Keys to Success

“God and hard work.  You got to just be able to keep grinding and doing the best that I can do.”

Advice to Others

“Trust the process and keep working hard.  It is not going to be easy.  You have to keep working hard every day just being able to listen to your coaches and follow your coaches and keep chasing your dream every single day.”

About Kam Dewberry

Instagram: @kamdew_

Current Offers: Oklahoma, Ohio State, Alabama, Texas A&M, Texas, LSU….

Favorite Musician: Drake

Favorite Food: Mexican Food

Shoutouts: “My parent, and God because without God I would not be able to be in this position.”