Baseball Player To Watch: Heights' Giovanni Garcia
Giovanni Garcia. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

Heights senior pitcher-short stop Giovanni Garcia, a University of St. Thomas commit, has a game to watch on the mound, field and batter’s box.

When Heights baseball coach David Petty was asked what makes Garcia unique, Petty stated, “Giovanni has been in our program for four years now and we have enjoyed him this entire time.”

“He has continuously gotten better this year. He has the physical tools and he works hard, makes good grades, is a responsible kid that has become a great leader as a senior, and I think if he continues to apply himself he will do well after high school.” Petty added.

The Defender spoke with Garcia before his game against Carnegie High School to discuss his playing style, love of the game, keys to success and more.

Style of Play (Pitching)

“I really like to take my time. As a pitcher you are controlling the game. So, when I am pitching I like to see what is really working for me. I like to have a clear vision of what I would like to do before I pitch.”

Style of Play (Shortstop)

“When I play shortstop I really just like to be smooth with everything and that is what my whole style is revolved around. It is also all about executing the easy plays, hard plays and everything that comes with playing shortstop.”

Love of the Game

“I love that the game of baseball is a game of failure. You know, even though you fail three out of 10 times you are still considered really good on the stat sheet.  Baseball is also very competitive as you go up in age, and that just drives me to go further.”

Keys to Success

“I always like to have a vision of how the game is going to go. That is what I do every day I wake up. I have a vision of the day and that is what I put into consideration when I push forward and execute everything I do.”

St. Thomas Commitment

“I love my family and I like being in my hometown. So, staying close to them and seeing them at my game to see me play is what I really wanted to happen, and UST was a really good fit because I can just drive down there in less than 20 minutes.”


About Giovanni Garcia

Instagram: @_jgarciaaaa

Baseball Players He Studies: Enrique Hernandez (Dodgers), Fernando Tatis Jr. (Padres), Carlos Lee (Astros)

Favorite Artists: Brent Faiyez, Big Sean, Miguel and Drake

World Problems He Would Solve: World hunger and poverty

Shoutouts: My momma, my whole team especially Elijah, my baby brother and all my coaches