Check out some of the head-turning big football plays of the 2021-22 regular season. Postseason highlights coming soon. Stay Tuned!

10. Spring HS wide receiver Travis Sims breaks ankles versus Westfield HS.

9. Wheatley HS quarterback Kevin Harris Jr. connects with wide out Dante Evans for a back shoulder catch.

8. Ft. Bend Marshall wide receiver Chris Marshall tippy toes for a sideline TD.

7. Ft. Bend Marshall HS defensive back Adari Haulcy pick six versus Waltrip HS.

6. Yates HS wide receiver/defensive back Randy Masters 96 yard interception TD against Madison HS.

5. North Shore HS wide receiver Joseph Richard “Mossed!” a Westfield HS defender.

4. Ft. Bend Marshall HS wide receiver Chris Marshall goes yard on a wide receiver screen pass.

3. North Shore HS safety Jayven Anderson 99 yard fumble return TD against Westfield HS.

2. Spring HS quarterback Bishop Davenport throws a strike to receiver Joshua Lopez.

  1. Wheatley HS quarterback Kevin Harris Jr. copycats “Any Given Sunday” character Willie Beaman with a flipping TD run.