C.E. King's Willis & Bizor: Straight outta HISD
CE King players Keith Willis Jr. on left (#4) and Kam Bixor (#9) on the right

No knock on our Houston Independent School District but it has been a while since a team representing HISD has earned a spot in a state title football game.

The last HISD team to appear in a football title game and win was the 1985 Jack Yates Lions.  Since then powerhouse teams like Katy, Galena Park North Shore and other schools from outskirt districts have been raking up state titles in bunches by picking up high-caliber players from across the city.

So, when I see two recognizable names from HISD suddenly appear on the roster sheet of a powerhouse team that is on the brink of a state title berth all I can say is, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

After an action-packed weekend of Texas regional semifinal playoffs, C.E. King High School is still in the hunt for a state title after beating Hightower in a 38-21 dog fight that was decided by a superior ground-and-pound attack and complimented with some great defensive play. 

Leading the were North Forest senior transfer running back Keith Willis Jr., who finished the game with 185 yards rushing and three touchdowns, and senior edge rusher Kam Bizor, a senior transfer from Yates after recording a 20-plus sack season.

C.E. King head football coach Derek Fitzhenry shed light on his primetime transfers’ impact this season.

“Kam is really athletic, he comes to work every day and is an explosive player…He switched to linebacker and has done an excellent job fighting through some pain stuff.  He is just a great kid,” Fitzhenry said.

“Keith is a workhorse…He executes and runs hard. The bulldozer.” 

The Defender spoke with Willis and Bizor about their journeys, keys to success, advice to others and more.

Transfer Portal

Willis: “I didn’t have much fun because it was all work and football. That is it.  I take pride in football and that is what my team takes pride in too. We just keep working it day by day.”

Bizor: “My success going in 6A came from coaches, teammates, teachers and my parents who just helped me out.”

Keys to Success

Willis: “Trying to push forward.  If we had a bad play we just move onto the next.  There is no point in holding your head down when you have one bad play because it is just going to sink you down from there.”

Bizor: “We just been focusing on the next day.  That is what we are doing.  Come back tomorrow and be ready for film.  Focus up.”

Keeping Streak Alive

Willis: “Practice day by day, team, film and all that.  We have to work together because if we can’t work together we can’t be a team.”

LB Position Change

Bizor: “They have me doing drills so I got used to it and I played in my first game at linebacker and did good so I have been going from there.”

Advice to Others

Bizor: “Do what you have to do to make it.”

About Keith Willis Jr.

Height: 5-feet-11

Weight: 210 pounds

Commitment status: Uncommitted

Player he studies: Derek Henry

Shout-outs: “My team, coach Young and just my whole team and the staff.”

About Kam Bizor

Height:  6-feet-2

Weight: 235 pounds

Commitment Status: University of Colorado

Instagram: @kambizor9

Players he studies: Aaron Donald and Micah Parsons

Shout-outs: “My mom, my stepdad, all my brothers, Dylan Spencer, JoJo and the whole C.E. King football team.”