22 September 2023: Camben Emanuel poses after a win against Austin High School at Butler Stadium.
22 September 2023: Camben Emanuel poses after a win against Austin High School at Butler Stadium. Credit: Jimmie Aggison/Houston Defender

The Madison Marlins sit middle of the pack in 5A-1 Region III District 9 behind Wisdom, Waltrip and Galveston Ball. However, don’t be fooled by early wins and losses. The Marlins have been given a boost at the quarterback position that is sure to lead this year’s team to more wins and bring out the best in its pivotal players.

Not since Vince Young has Madison had a true quarterback that drew such attention. This year Camben Emanuel is that kind of player.

“He’s an all-around quarterback, a guy that can make all the throws,” said Madison head coach Jason Davis. “He sees the field, he has a connection with all of his receivers. This kid is going to be an outstanding player not only in this district but in this state. He makes our offense more explosive.”

Emanuel began playing football when he was seven years old for the Pearland Patriots in the Bay Area Youth Football League.

“I started off as a linebacker, but once my coach saw me throw the ball after practice, I’ve been playing quarterback ever since.”

Camben Emanuel

Emanuel played for the Patriots until he enrolled at Pearland Junior High South. After middle school, he then attended Pearland for both his freshman and sophomore years.

“At the end of my sophomore year with about a month left in the school year, we moved to Houston so I began attending James Madison,” said Emanuel.

While at Pearland High School, during his freshman year he played on the freshman team. In his sophomore year, Emanuel played on the JV team and halfway through the season was moved to varsity.

“Playing varsity as an underclassman felt good. The game was a lot faster, so I had to get used to the speed, but I adapted quickly,” said Emanuel.

With Emanuel starting at Madison and getting more minutes he is the new guy with a lot to prove. Most teams haven’t heard of him and don’t know what to expect until they see him at quarterback. In the game vs. Austin, he passed for four touchdowns and ran for two.

“It feels great. Every day I have to prove myself at practice because I’m still the new guy, so they don’t fully know what I’m capable of, but every day I’m working hard,” said Emanuel.

He’s a pocket passer who has scrambling abilities. During the off-season, he worked with Coach Payne to improve his technique.

“We worked on throwing on the run. I’m a pocket passer but I keep my eyes downfield and when someone is open it’s important for me to deliver an accurate throw on the run,” said Emanuel.

Credit: Jimmie Aggison/Houston Defender

Emanuel is a student of the game and has found the benefits of studying those on the next level to help his game.

“I watch Caleb Williams at USC. I love the way he moves in the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield,” said Emanuel. “I also like Spencer Rattler at South Carolina. I feel he has the best arm talent in college football. I like the way he throws the ball.”

As Emanuel continues to improve his game, his advice to others is to never stop working hard.

“Just keep working,” said Emanuel. “Don’t let anybody tell you what you can and cannot do. Every day I’ve been doubted and I have to prove myself every single day. You just have to prove why you’re the guy and why you should be number one.”

About Camben Emanuel

Class: 2025

IG: @Camben_Emanuel

Twitter: @Camben_Emanuel

Position: Quarterback

Height & weight: 6-feet-3, 195 pounds

Players he studies: Caleb Williams (USC), Spencer Rattler (South Carolina)

Status: Uncommitted

Favorite artist: NBA YoungBoy, Lil Baby, Gunna

Favorite subject: Physics

Shout-outs: Dad

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