Strategy is defined as a careful plan or method of achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time. Watching Westbury High School’s Cameron Houston in the 800m dash at the recent Class 6A area track meet, one couldn’t tell if he was winning or losing as he let up for a moment before recapturing the lead to take home the gold. 

One thing is certain – Houston’s strategy throughout the race was flawless. Westbury track coach Robert Maxie attributes Houston’s success to his work ethic.

“Cam is just a worker,” Maxie said. “He works so hard despite being pretty new to the sport. His determination is out of this world. 

The Defender spoke with Houston after his victory at the meet about how he became interested in the sport and his overall strategy when approaching his event.  

Defender: How would you describe your style of running in the 800m dash?

Houston:I would say I am a strategic, fast-pace runner.

Defender: When did you fall in love with running?

Houston:When I was little we had a couple of acres of land out in Dayton, Texas and I had some friends who lived about a block apart. I would always run over to their house and run back, run around the yard all the time and run around the street. It didn’t matter as long as it was some type of running. 

Defender: How did you begin running competitively?

Houston:I started into my freshman year going to AAU with Coach Davis and they sent me over here to Westbury where I have enjoyed it a lot. I’ve had a few friends over here that have been pushing me and it has been really fun. Track is my favorite sport. I love running and I plan to keep running.

Defender: Walk about your strategy in the area meet?

Houston:Usually I like to get out in the front because I hate being in the pack and I hate being in the back. I enjoy being in the front and when I am in the back it just doesn’t feel right. Then I start slowing up after the first 200m and if anyone wants to run with me I will run right with them. I don’t want anyone passing me up or leaving me, I want to run with them. 

Then I try to go through that first lap between 55 and 57 and just hold on. By the time that I get to that 300m it should just be a fast stride building up. Then when I get to the 200m to 150m it’s just builds up and from the 150m going in it’s just going home finishing up.

About Houston

Instagram: @cam.fried

Personal Goal in 800m dash: 1 min. 50 sec.

Favorite foods: Italian and Chinese

World problem he would solve: Violence

Shout-outs: All my coaches – Coach Blanks, Davis, Larry, Jackson and Maxie

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