Incoming Dickinson high school junior point guard Qasim Boyd is crossing his “T’s” and dotting his “I’s” this summer in preparation for a junior season where he will be competing for the starting point guard spot after senior Seth Jones has moved on to college.

Last season Boyd was a gamer on defense earning him minutes for his ability to anticipate turnovers and make quick outlets passes for easy baskets in transition.  The offensive skills are there when it comes to creating offense off the dribble and Boyd can make the right passes for buckets to teammates.  I anticipate to see Boyd’s name as a player to watch by the end of next season under the tutelage o f Hall of Fame coach Jason Wilson.

The Defender spoke with Boyd after an AAU tournament match where he was the player of the game to discuss his style of play, recruiting, advice to others and more.

Style of Play

“Pace runs the game all the time.”

33-4 Record Season

“It was real good season.  We had a lot of seniors and it was a hard-fought season.  We just tried our best to get to the state championship.”


“It is kind of in the middle between Georgia and (Texas) A&M.”

Advice to Others

“Just work hard.  Don’t take anything for granted and do what you do.”

About Qasim Boyd

Twitter: @QasimBoyd_2

Height: 5’11”

AAU Team: LivOn Blue Chips 2024

Secondary Sport: Football (Quarterback)

Players He Studies: Devin Booker and Kyrie Irving

Key Fact(s): Averaged nearly 2 steals a game as a Sophomore.

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