Duo to watch: Kashmere juniors Joe Jones & Stilton McKelvey

With a 9-8 overall record Kashmere missed out on the playoff this season with a 6th place finish in their district standing. However, there may be light at the end of the tunnel with the return of their junior backcourt of Stilton McKelvey and Joe Jones, who have shown flashes of being something special.

While McKelvey sets the pace for the starting offense using his speed, agility and spot up shooting ability, Jones comes off the bench and shoots the lights out from three-point range.

When Kashmere’s head basketball coach was asked what makes this duo special, he stated, “Stilton is very aggressive on offense and I like the energy that he brings.”

“Joe is probably one of the best shooters on the team.  When he gets his confidence going, he knocks down shots.” 

The Defender spoke with McKelvey and Jones to discuss their playing styles, overall games and more.

Style of Play

McKelvey: “I really look up to Kyrie Irving and try to reflect my game after him.  I believe in hard work and teamwork with my team so that we can come out and get the ‘W’.” 

Jones: “My coaches tell me whenever I get the ball just shoot and that is what I do.”

Energy and Tempo

McKelvey: “Our intensity is really good when we have a leader like me.  I try to lead the team all the way through the game. Taking it one quarter at a time.”

Finding Spots on The Floor

McKelvey: “My first step is really fast. So, I get my first step in and find my spot in the mid-range because that is where I am good at in the mid-range.”

3 Point Shot

Jones: “When I was young I never had a trainer, but my dad took me to the backyard and we would just shoot the ball 100 times a day. Then it just started going up from there.”

Streaky Shooting

Jones: “If I get hot the ball will just go in most of the time. It feels good because you got good teammates on the bench who hype you up when you make a few which makes me want to shoot even more.”

Moving Forward

McKelvey: “Our keys to success will be our defense and just keeping our mind right.”

Joe Jones takes over the second unit offense off the bench_

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Stilton McKelvey finds a lane for an easy layup_

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