E’lasia Yarbrough (no. 22) dribbles the ball during a recent game. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.
E’lasia Yarbrough (no. 22) dribbles the ball during a recent game. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

If you are a basketball fan but have yet to hear the name “E’lasia Yarbrough,” get ready to hear her name more often once playoffs start. Yarbrough leads her team, the Wheatley Wildcats, in points, assists and steals.

Wheatley sits first in 4A Region III District 21 with high hopes of going deep into the playoffs this year.

Wheatley girls basketball coach, Ervin Taylor shared what Yarbrough means to this year’s team.

“(She’s) a college-ready girl and they follow her lead,” said Taylor. “We are really blessed to have her in this program.”

When asked about her game, Yarbrough said, “I think my style of play is very calm but also very hardworking. I’m gonna get on your nerves like a mosquito.”

With Yarbrough’s court vision and relentless hustle to the ball, one wouldn’t believe that she has only played basketball for a little over five years.

“I started playing basketball when I was in the eighth grade. I played for Watkins Middle School and I never intended to play. But once I started playing, I couldn’t stop.”

She went on to explain, “All my friends played basketball, so I just wanted to play for fun.”

Whether she’s pointing out the holes in the defense or calling plays from the top of the key, Yarbrough has proven to be the leader Wheatley needs to command control on the floor.

“I’m gonna push you real hard. Every time we look at the clock, it’s zero zero until the buzzer goes off. Keep pushing until the game is over,” she said.

Yarbrough hopes to attend an HBCU where she can continue crafting her basketball skills while majoring in either finance or architecture.

E’lasia Yarbrough

About E’lasia Yarbrough

Class: 2023

IG: @layystill

Twitter: @elasia22

Height: 5’10”

Hobbies: Painting and drawing

Players she studies: Joemoriah Ben (Sterling), Zia Cooke (South Carolina), Tia Cooper (Los Angeles Sparks)

Favorite Artist: Old school R&B

Shoutouts: Coach Taylor, Wheatley, Mom, God.