Katy High School’s Elizabeth Brooks poses on the field.
18 March 2023: Katy High School’s Elizabeth Brooks poses after a race during the TSU Relays Credit: Jimmie Aggison/Houston Defender

When you think of Katy, you think of football, softball and baseball. The Katy Tigers aren’t usually known for having dominant track runners, but Elizabeth Brooks plans to change that.

The young freshman has been putting up numbers comparable to those in Katy’s rare and dominant class of 2023.

“She’s a great runner. She works hard and does everything you ask her to do. From the hardest workouts to the recovery and the maintenance, she gets it done. Her potential is definitely untapped,” Katy strength coach Bryan MacDonald said.

The record at Katy High School for the 400-meter dash stands at 55.82 seconds. Brooks’ personal best this season is 56.31 seconds.

“We’re trying to break the school’s record. With her work ethic, I’m sure she’ll be one of the nation’s best for the next four years,” MacDonald said.

It’s hard to believe that one would have success so early, but Brooks credits watching professional runner Athing Mu for inspiration in her running style.

“She’s really good. I’ve been watching her since she was 17 years old,” Brooks said.

Brooks began running with Greater Houston Track Club after seeing her little sister get involved.

“I wanted to try it too. I didn’t know I was fast until I started competing my first year. At the end I was second in the nation in both the 400- and the 800-meter dash,” Brooks said.

Brooks currently runs both events and has consistently grown in each race. When asked how has she been able to get faster she said, “Working hard, staying focused and never thinking I’m too good for any type of workout.”

About Elizabeth Brooks

Class: 2026

IG: @elizabethkbrooks

Races: 400-meter, 800-meter

Height & weight: 5-feet-6, 95 pounds

Runners she studies: Athing Mu (pro)

Status: Uncommitted

Favorite artists: Kendrick Lamar, Bryson Tiller

Favorite subject: Algebra

Shout-outs: Coach Darcy and Coach Haggard

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