Fallon Green. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.
Fallon Green. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

Basketball is a game of runs. When you’re hot, you’re hot, but when you’re cold you better heat up soon.

In the game of hoops, possessions are critical. Blocked shots, defensive stops and relentless rebounding could turn a one-score game into a 20-point blowout quickly. It is always a special piece for a team to possess a player with all three of these abilities.

For the Worthing Colts girls’ varsity basketball team this season, those abilities can be found in a 4-year varsity player by the name of Fallon Green.

Originally from Arizona, Green has been playing basketball since the 4th grade.

“I played with club ball in Arizona and then Houston Hoops when I got to Texas,” said Green.

Not only do you have to be special to play varsity all four years, but you have to be ready to play. And it’s almost as if Green was born ready. Or at least close to it.

When asked about the transition from middle school basketball to the varsity level Green said, “It was definitely harder. The pace was much faster than any other game I’ve played before.”

Playing varsity early allowed Green the opportunity to see what it took to play at a higher level. Not only does she lead her team in rebounds, but she also leads the team in blocked shots.

“My style is very competitive. I’m eager for a rebound and I’m definitely going to put the shot back up and make it. On defense, I’m always making sure that my feet stay on the ground because that’s the most important part. And I can kind of tell when the shot’s going to go up. So, that’s when I jump fast to make the block.”

On the court, Green is very consistent, disciplined, coachable and hard-working. These same attributes have followed her in the classroom. Next year, she plans to attend Southern University in Baton Rouge where she will major in nursing.

“I would like to major in nursing because my mom is a nurse and she’s my biggest example. And I’m the oldest out of my siblings, so I’m naturally the caretaker in my family,” Shared Green.

When asked what advice would she give to others who would like to share in some of the same successes she’s seen over the four years, Green freely shared the gems that helped her elevate her game.

“Work on your game as much as you can. If you’re outside, get a ball, work on your handles. If you’re on the court, just shooting around, work on your shot. Take your game sseriously. The work you put in will definitely show on the court.”

About: Fallon Green

Class: 2023

IG: @official_fallon

Twitter: @official4fallon

Hobbies: Cooking / Baking

Player she studies: Shanice Ferguson (Madison HS)

Favorite Subject in School: English

Favorite Artist: Lil Baby