Frank & Anthony Brown: Brothers dynamic duo at Sterling HS

With standout senior running back Frank Brown Jr. leading the way as returning offensive MVP of his perspective 5A Division and his younger brother Anthony making the signal calls at quarterback, the Sterling Raiders’ offense knows what it means to have a dynamic duo.

Sterling athletic director and head football coach Kanavis McGhee is pleased with the Browns’ contributions to his backfield.

“Anthony is as quiet as all outdoors and Frank is not as quiet and speaks up a little bit,” McGhee said. “What makes that combo unique is that the running back talks a whole lot and the quarterback doesn’t talk a whole lot.

 “It’s interesting to watch them in the huddle because the big brother wants the ball all the time and little brother reminds him ‘but you’re not always open all of the times, someone else is open,’ “McGhee added.

The Defender spoke with the two brothers about their styles of play, how they push one another to be their best and their connection on and off the field. 

Defender: How would you describe your style of play?

Frank Brown:My style is quick where I have to go and get it moving. I bring a lot to the table because I have to keep going with the tempo. 

Defender: How does your brotherly connection off the field contribute to your success on the field?

Frank:It helps a whole lot because we have the connection that nobody has. We’re in the house everyday together and we grew up together so nobody can stop that. 

Defender: How do you two push each other to be the best you can on the field?

Frank:He will get on me and I will get on him to make each other better.

Defender: What’s it like playing with your brother?

Anthony Brown:Most of the time it is good because I feel like we have a connection where nobody can stop us. Then sometimes my brother can see things that I can’t see down the field. 

Defender: What do you admire about your brother?

Anthony:His work ethic and his leadership. He sets the tone for the team throughout the season. Just like yesterday in the scrimmage when he scored and that got the team hyped up to do better.

Defender: Is there anything you have learned from your brother’s success so far?

Anthony: I learned a lot of stuff in football and in life too like never take things for granted. 

About Frank

NFL players he studies: Odell Beckham Jr., Saquon Barkley, DeAndre Hopkins

Hobby: Listening to music

World problem he would solve: Police brutality

About Anthony 

Favorite food: Pasta 

Favorite musician: Lil Durk 

What no one knows about him: “I can throw with both hands.”