Ft. Bend Elkins 6-4 junior combo guard Chris Johnson may be one of the most versatile guards in the 2023 class based on his great size and developing skills a scorer, defender and passer.

Chris is a streaky shooter that may miss a shot here and there but will turn around and hit four or five shots in a row from mid-range and 3-point land.  When attacking the basket, Chris has a collection of acrobatic moves where one would think he is taking a difficult shot until he releases the ball with finesse. 

Johnson’s stamina and motor allow him to play a complete game non-stop, maintaining a Russell Westbrook run and gun pace throughout games for his offensive sets.  On defense his anticipation to intercept passes is steadily improving to match his God gifted reach.

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And if that weren’t enough, Chris is a true student of the game and his work ethic consistently shows it.  Anyone that keeps up with AAU basketball will tell you this kid is putting in that Mamba Mentality work it takes to be a professional someday.

When Elkins head coach Albert Thomas was asked what makes his star combo guard so special, Coach Thomas stated.

“He is a mixture of offensive abilities as a scorer but then he is also a guy that can distribute and find players.  He has a very high IQ where he picks and chooses whether to use one or the other.”

“He is always one of the first ones in the gym and whenever I say there is going to be a practice time Chris is going to be there because he loves the game and loves to play.” Coach Thomas added.

The Defender spoke with Johnson to discuss his style of play, scoring abilities, work ethic and more.

Style of Play

“Just going out there and playing as a point guard or scorer when I need to for my team.”

Scoring Ability

“I’m just being a three-level scorer.  At the next level going into college I want to be the same player I am in high school by coming in and making great decisions by being a three-level scorer.”

Work Ethic

“It’s just about staying consistent and staying in the gym.  Even though my jump shot may not be falling early in the game I am just stay with it.  You have to keep shooting your shots, keep getting your teammates involved and keep uplifting your teammates and then everything will just fall in place.”

Love of the Game

“I just love basketball.  I just want to dribble the basketball until the ball don’t bounce.”

Championship Run

“Just staying together and me being poised not doing too much on the court and the rest is going to fall in place.”

About Chris Johnson

IG: @chriisjohnson

Current Offers: LSU, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Georgia, U of H…

Players He Studies: Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Lebron James, Michael Jordan

 and Steph Curry

Favorite Musician: NBA Youngboy

Favorite Video Game: Call of Duty & NBA2K

Shoutouts: Momma and Dad