After finishing 3rd place in the Class 5A 110m Hurdles UIL state final, Fort Bend Marshall junior hurdler Arveyon Davis is ready to make a jump to gold come the end of his 2023-24 senior track season.

The Defender spoke with Davis to discuss his approach to his junior event, keys to success, advice to others and more.

Event Approach

“What I do is make sure I execute, stay within myself and make sure I don’t try to run someone else’s race.”

Keys to Success

“Make sure I recover, make sure I do all my work outs to the best of my abilities, and don’t try to slack off.  Because if you slack off your results aren’t going to show up the way you want them to show up.”

Advice to Others

“Just keep going and don’t let anybody tell you that you are too young.  If you want to go you can go.”

Moving Forward

“I will just think about the results again and go into the offseason ready to train harder.”

About Arveyon Davis

Twitter: @arveyondavis

G.P.A.: 3.4

Commitment Status: Uncommitted

Shoutouts: “My mom, my grandma, my teammates and my teammate Chris because he really does push me to go harder every day.”