Fort Bend Marshall junior point guard Jaland Lowe is as pure a point guard as they come. In the first-round Marshall victory over Foster, Lowe scored 47 points maneuvering through defenses with ease.

Despite a second-round playoff exit by PJ Haggerty and crew versus Crosby high school, expect Lowe’s game to make significant strides this upcoming offseason.

Lowe is already a bigger than average point guard at 6-foot-2-inches and naturally has the arm length that allows easy steals and layups over defenders when he releases the ball at the highest point.  Over the last three years, Lowe has progressed into a threat from three-point land, shooting better than ever this season.  So, if scoring, handles and setting players up to succeed is the name of the point guard game, Lowe does it all beyond half court.

When Ft. Bend Marshall head basketball coach James Bailey was asked about his playmaker, coach Bailey stated.

“He brings a lot of stuff that I haven’t seen in a long time.”

“He is a two-way player that plays tremendous defense and can play offense as well.” Bailey concludes.

The Defender spoke with Jayland Lowe to discuss his style of play, playmaking abilities, leadership and more. 

Style of Play

“Smooth and aggressive.  I try to combine both of those to win.”


“I am a point guard and facilitator.  I got to get my guys involved and make sure everybody is good.”

Three Point Game

“It has really developed a lot since last year and that is what I have been focusing on this year to get up better shots.”


“I just try to stay positive.  When they see their leader is positive they stay positive also.”

About Jaland Lowe

Instagram: @j15lowe

AAU: Houston Hoops

Current Offers: Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Texas State

Favorite Artists: J. Cole

Favorite Subject: Math

World Problem He Would Solve: Justice System

Shoutouts: “my family”