Tierra Simon prepares to take a shot. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

Heights senior forward Tierra Simon has a catch-and-shoot game that was on full display in the Heights Lady Bulldogs’ Regional quarterfinal loss to #1 Texas ranked, reigning state champion Cy Creek. Throughout the game Simon’s intangible effort granted her the ability to get loose balls and add the points that don’t show up on the stat sheets. 

When Heights head coach Kerrick Arrington was asked what makes Tierra special, he stated, “She has an attitude of not wanting to quit and not wanting to settle for less. She always wants more and when she gets to the next level she will be a whole different person, and that is what makes her what she is.”

The Defender spoke with Simon after the Bulldogs were eliminated by Cy Creek to discuss her determination and keys to success this season.

Style of Play

“I like to shoot the mid-range and around the free throw line. I don’t really put my back to the basket because I like to play like a stretch four.”

Mid-Range Game

“I would say it is really nice. When I’m on my own I just feel like I am ready to shoot that because I’m prepared for it.”

Defensive Game

“Talking on defense is a very important thing and I would say I am the most talkative one on the court. I really don’t get in any foul trouble playing straight up and not letting anyone back me down.”

District Championship

“To get to that point it took togetherness and working hard. We didn’t give up against Cy Creek and I believe we somewhat showed that because it is just a matter of basketball and heart when you have a smaller team like we do.”

Cy Creek Game Lessons

“I definitely need to work on dribbling a lot more and being able to get myself open in more than just the mid-range.”


Twitter: Tierra_0

Players She Likes: Kevin Durant, Joel Embid, Nikola Jokic

Hobbies: Babysitting because I love kids, working out and sleeping

Shoutouts: My family, team, coach and especially my point guard Gracelynn Alvarez