Heights High School sophomore Kennedy Hill has the makings of a softball star coming off a stellar season.  And during the postseason Hill has been locked in making huge impacts for the Lady Bulldogs.

Despite Cinco Ranch High School being highly favored in their second-round series against Heights, Hill pushed the series to the brink. The series came down to a winner-take-all Game 3 finale wherein Hill hit an early home run in the second inning, and nearly knocked another one out of the park before the ball was snagged by a Cinco Ranch outfielder near the wall.  Cinco Ranch ultimately eliminated Heights with a 2-1 win.

The Defender spoke with Hill after the Cinco Ranch series to discuss her style of play, home run-hitting, lessons learned after the season, and more. 

Style of play

“I have definitely improved as a player.  I want to thank all my coaches and especially my family.  I have gotten a lot better with my skill sets and my mindsets.”

Homerun in playoffs

“It was great.  I had so much adrenaline and I was so happy. It really made me feel great and it was just awesome.”

Homerun that almost was

“It felt devastating. I thought that if it would have gone over the game would have been tied 2-2, and that play just keeps running back in my mind over and over again. If it had gone over it would have been a whole different ball game.  Things happen for a reason.”

Vibes after Cinco Ranch series

“I’m sad because I think we really had a chance against this team especially after I hit a home run.  I was feeling it and was really excited because we had a chance.  I think our team has come a long way since last year and we have definitely improved.”

Advice to others

“I think that if your mindset is there you can do anything you want on the next level.  You can’t let one person say you’re not good and let it bring you down.  You have to know your worth and you will succeed.”

About Kennedy Hill

Twitter: @KennedyHill2024

Summer League Team: Texas Blaze Fastpitch

Favorite subject: Math

Team, she loves watching: LSU softball team

Shout-outs: “My mom, my dad, and my coach Lamont Robins.”

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