Heights shortstop Armani Sanchez a name to remember

Heights High School senior shortstop Armani Sanchez, a University of Oklahoma commit, is a sensation just waiting to make his name known in baseball. His 6-foot-2 athletic frame allows him to be a hawk in the infield and his power and batting skills are impressive.

David Petty, Heights baseball coach, has praise for his primetime player.

 “Armani is a very special player who has more God-given talent than anybody that I have had in the 27 years I have coached,” Petty said. “His ceiling is really up to him and he can go anywhere he wants to because his talent is unlimited. 

“I think he makes the players around him work harder because of his level of play on the field and he pushes us all by making plays that others cannot.” 

The defender spoke with Sanchez before he led his team to victory against Westbury.

Defender: How did you get started in baseball?

Sanchez:I started when I was 3 years old and began to understand it as a game of failure. So, I knew this was the sport I needed to play. Of course God blessed me with talent and everything else has been put together.

Defender: How have you overcome adversity throughout your journey?

Sanchez:As a kid, when I would practice, I would grab a tennis ball, hit a palm tree and use my natural resources around because I never had enough cash to have the opportunity to pay to go somewhere else and do all that stuff so I always used what I could. 

Defender: What should the Oklahoma fans be looking out for when you arrive?

Sanchez:I should be able to start my freshman year.

Defender: How would you rate your season so far and what will it take to close it off with a bang?

Sanchez:The hard part is out of the way, beating Lamar and Bellaire two times. Now with the playoffs approaching the main focus is just staying healthy and keeping our minds on the right track.

About Sanchez

Twitter: @sanchez_armani7

Favorite subjects: Math and reading

Favorite musicians: Lil Baby, NBA Youngboy and Romeo Santos

Shout-outs: Heights High School, my mom and Marrucci


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