Hightower high school shocked fans making the noise that they did this season with arguably one of the most challenging schedules in Class 5A ball.  The battle tested Hurricanes nailed and scratched through the first three rounds of the playoffs before being eliminated by Katy Paetow in the Quarterfinals by a score of 35-12.

Hightower sophomore running back Jeremy Payne has been the spark for the Hurricanes this season and his ability to change a game every play is something to watch.  Payne’s mix of track speed and tackle breaking abilities make Payne a threat in Hightower’s running and passing attack.

When Hightower head coach Cornelius Anthony was asked about Payne’s ability to change the game, Anthony stated.

“Even though Jeremy is a sophomore he is seasoned.  It is a tribute to his parents and his upbringing that he is a football player.  And regardless of what grade you are in ‘If you are a baller you are a baller.’”

The Defender spoke with Payne throughout the rounds of the playoffs to discuss his playmaking, major influences and more.

Style of Play

“Fast, quick and hitting the hole.”

Valuable Playoff Lessons

“Hold the ball because in the playoffs they are going to go after the ball the whole game.”

Keys to Success (Playoffs)

“Playing together and sticking together, never holding our heads down and keep on playing.”

Advice to Others

“Hard work. Just work hard.”

About Jeremy Payne

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 172lbs.

Twitter: @jeremypayne_

Current Offers: University of Indiana and Texas Southern University

Players He Studies: Sequon Barkley

Hobbies: Baseball and working out