While a wide receivers’ height, hands and naturally gifted reach grant them advantages in one-on-one scenarios as the pigskin draws nearer on jump ball pass attempts, it is a player’s pure will to “Go Get It” that sets apart the good wide outs from the greats.

Come Thanksgiving, Class 5A high school football becomes arguably one of the toughest playoff atmospheres across the nation.  And after witnessing Hightower senior wide receiver Caleb Douglas, a USC (University of Southern California) commit, he can only be described as one word in these bully-to-bully moments “DAWG”.

During the Hurricanes 31-21 victory over Manvel, Caleb finished the night with four catches for 76 yards including two acrobatic snags that rose fans off their feet after he leaped over a defensive back for a catch that he ran in for a TD and another that put Hightower on the one-yard line.  Douglas’ teammates celebrate him by doing the common basketball pound on their heads as a sign to signify Douglas dunked on somebody’s baby and made a poster again.

When Hightower head coach Cornelius Anthony was asked about his standout player, coach Anthony stated.

“Big time players make big time plays in big time games.

“I can always rely and count on him to step up and make the play.  What you see is what you get with him.”

The Defender chopped it up with Douglas after the Hurricanes win over Manvel to discuss his style of play, team’s championship run, his recent USC commitment, advice to others and more.

Style of Play

“I’m Mr. Go Getter.  Throw it up and I am going to go get it.”

Jump Ball Scenarios

“In the red zone they know who it is going to most of the time.  So, I try my best to make sure I catch all of them.”

Open Field Abilities

“I used to be a quarterback so I have the vision and when I am back there in fake punt situations I get back there and know what I’m doing.”


“I really don’t do most of the trash talk.  When people defend me I make sure to tell them they did a good job.  I make sure everyone on the team doesn’t do too much if we are losing….”

USC Commitment

“They got a dude named Drake London and I think I fit his game very well.”

Advice to Others

“Always be the better person and get your grades right.  Freshman year counts the most. Get your grades right.”

Championship Run

“We got to keep going even though we know this was big game we got to take every game the same way as if we going for 1 and 0 every week.”

About Caleb Douglas

Twitter: @Caedeezy

IG: @cddouglas_

Height: 6’3 ½

Weight: 185lbs.

Players He Studies: Julio Jones, Jamar Chase and Justin Jefferson

Awards: First Team All-District as a QB his junior year

Shoutouts: “my boy (teammate) Kaleb Johnson”

For Game and Crowd Photos of Hightower vs. Manvel Game Visit IG: @defenderhighschoolsports

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