If you weren’t paying attention since the All-Star Break, the Rockets have shown flashes of making a name for themselves as not just a highlight factory but possibly a contender with the additions of a piece or two in the 2022 NBA Draft.

Throughout this season Jalen Green has matured into a legit 30 a night scorer at the highest level of play.  Not to mention Jalen closed the year off with a season high 41-pointer.  When Green was asked who he’d like matching up with next season from the incoming draft class he mentioned high school competitor Jayden Ivey and Team USA teammate Chet Holmgren before adding Duke phenom Paolo Banchero to the mix.

At point guard during this season, Kevin Porter Jr. has seemed to have figured out his role as a scorer and facilitating decision maker for the young roster.  Over the season Porter has proven an ability to overcome adversity from critics and from within, taking strides with a balance on life and basketball.

The Defender Spoke with Jalen Green and Kevon Porter Jr. to discuss advice they have for the next generation going into the NBA.

Jalen Green

“I would just say take your time.  It’s not a race.  Obviously you want to achieve a lot. You want to have high standards for yourself, but you have to go through some flaws to get to the top where you want to be.  So, just take your time, stay in the gym, and don’t let anything distract you while continuing to put the work in.”

Kevin Porter Jr.

“It’s tough. Life is tough and is never easy.  And you just have to learn how to balance every emotion in the right ways when it is hard to do so.  And it might not even be in the right way but having balance and not trying to take everything in at one time and put all your pennies in a basket trying to make things make sense.  Because it is just going to make things worse.  So just taking a break and breath sometimes before doing so while trying to tackle everything at once is definitely a good mechanism.”

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