Ridge Point High School senior small forward Jamir Norman Turner is a 6-foot-5 stretch forward who can drive and shoot from every level of the court.

Turner is known for his ability to find his spots on the floor. In Turner’s senior campaign, he averaged nearly 16 points a game and 7 assists. Ridge Point finished the season 21-13 with a 9-5 district record.

The Defender spoke with Turner to discuss his style of play, court intelligence and keys to success.

Credit: Jimmie Agisson

Style of play

“I like to work my way into the mid-range game.  Coaches start telling me to shoot the three so I start shooting the three so it will open up my mid-range game.”

Court IQ

“I think I see the floor, make passes and know how to draw fouls too.”

Keys to success

“Staying to the grind and just keeping my attitude right and my composure by staying in the gym.”

About Jamir Norman Turner

IG: @jamirr___

Players he studies: DeMar DeRozen, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball

Favorite artists: Lil Durk and Meek Mill

Shout-outs: “My mom, my dad and my brother”

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