Jersey Village graduating senior outfielder Julian Vaughn is versatile
Julian Vaughn. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

Versatility is a rare trait that separates an athlete from the pack in that they can adapt despite the circumstances.

Jersey Village graduating senior outfielder Julian Vaughn, a Rock Valley College commit, has proven to possess such a trait during his senior year leading the Falcons to the Regional Championship, just one game away from the State Tournament. 

Throughout the playoffs, Vaughn delivered some clutch hitting for his team that propelled them past higher ranked opponents like Katy High School and Pearland High School.

Vaughn shows off his versatility making a play at his new first base position. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

 When Jersey Village head coach Blake Wyatt was asked how Vaughn’s versatility has added to the roster this season, Wyatt stated, “Julian was an outfielder and we were struggling at the first base spot, so I actually plugged Julian from the outfield and put him at first place and he has flourished there.”

“He has done a fantastic job in the four hole (fourth batter in team’s hitting order). He started off hot earlier in the year, banging balls off the walls, so I kicked him down to the four hole where he has done a spectacular job despite never playing first base before.” Wyatt continued.

The Defender spoke with “Jules” earlier this summer to discuss his style of play, keys to success and more.

Julian Vaughn. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

Style of Play

“I’m just free, loose and confident in myself in making plays.”

Clutch Batting

“I have been thinking all year that the pitchers have our backs and I got to have theirs. So, in the batter’s box we are just present and have each other’s back.”

Transition to First Base

“Yeah, I played a little first base in summer ball just for fun and played it when I was little. So, now I just go out and compete and do the best I can for my team to win.”

Keys to Success

“All of us coming together and having fun and being ourselves.”

Vaughn squares up for another clutch at bat. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

About Julian Vaughn

Height: 6-1

Weight: 178 lbs.

Instagram: @wxvyjulian

Player He Studies: Carlos Correa

Favorite Subject: Science

Shoutouts: “My mom, dad, brother, friends and girlfriend.”

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