Armando Rocha. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

Jersey Village senior right handed pitcher/middle infielder Armando Rocha, a University of Houston commit, has been a gamer for the Falcons during the playoffs this season.

Rocha’s dual threat abilities on the mound and in the batter’s box helped lead an unexpected (23-19-1 record) Jersey Village squad to the Regional Championship where they were just one series away from a trip to the state championship.

Jersey Village’s Armando Rocha.

Scouts tout Rocha for his under control, 90 mph pitches, game breaking base running speed and a swing that creates offense down the line. The kid is clutch. 

When Jersey Village coach Blake Wyatt was asked about his star player, Coach Wyatt stated, “Armando has been number one for us on the mound and he is a dual-threat guy that can hit, field and pitch. He can do everything.”

The Defender spoke with Rocha before the Regional Championship to discuss his style of play, playoff run, U of H commitment and more.

Style of Play

“Free, easy, loose and I’m a leader.”

Clutch Pitching

“On the mound I just block everything out, focusing in on my catcher and what pitch I have to make.”


“I just try to pick everybody up. If you strike out, don’t worry about it because we have a whole game left. There is a lot that can happen, so don’t get down and you have the whole team behind you.” 

U of H commitment

“I feel like they can appreciate how I play as a pitcher and on the field. I also loved the coaches, field and facilities.” 

Playoff Run

“We have just trusted each other and came through for one another on the plate by making plays behind our pitchers and making the right plays at the right time.”

About Armando Rocha

Instagram: @manndooo_

Players He Studies: Fernando Tatis Jr.

World Problem He Would Solve: World Hunger

Shoutouts: “My parents and all the coaches that helped me.”