Joshua Cephus, a graduating quarterback/wide receiver and pitcher/short stop from Dekaney High School, is a multi-talented athlete. He will play football and baseball at the University of Texas at San Antonio on a full-ride scholarship starting the 2019-2020 season. 

Cephus’ 6-foot-5 frame allows him to withstand the wear and tear on the football field. His strong arm and agility give him the ability to make Derek Jeter-like plays in the infield and leave batters watching his fastball breeze by on the mound. 

   The Defender spoke with Cephus after the Houston Area Coaches Association Senior All-Star Game in Sugar Land to discuss his pitching style, keys to success and advice to the next generation of two-sport athletes. 

Defender: How do you describe your style of play on the mound?

Cephus:It’s me and you one-on-one and I have to beat you.

Defender: How did you get into playing baseball?

Cephus:I have been playing it since I was little. My older brothers played it then I just followed after them

Defender: What has been your key to success in sports so far?

Cephus:A quote I live by is, “Hard work beats talent where talent fails to work hard.”

Defender: What made UTSA the perfect fit for your talents on the next level and what should fans expect when you arrive?

Cephus:I chose UTSA because the coaches make it a family environment and their head coach is a lot like my head coach at Dekaney. So, it can’t get any closer to family than that. The fans can expect hard work. They are going to get it all from me.”

Defender: You saw how Bo Jackon and Deion Sanders played both football and baseball on the college and pro levels and made it work. How do you foresee it working out for you playing in college?

Cephus:There is a certain schedule that I have to follow. Right now, during the summer it’s strictly football and then when football season ends then I go right into baseball. 

Defender: What advice do you have for young two-sport athletes who hope to accomplish the same success you have?

Cephus:“n anything you do you have to put God first and you will succeed. That is what I live by.

About Cephus

Twitter: @jcephus1612

Favorite artist: Chris Brown

Hobby: Singing 

Favorite food: Fish 

Baseball player he studies: Nolan Ryan